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what it is: The new Ford Focus with plenty of horsepower andhandlingtweaks. why it matters: Ford hasn't offered something like this since the demise of the SVT Focus at the end of the 2004 model year. Though its chassis setup was sweet, theSVT's 170-hp four wasn't exactlyan adrenaline generator. The Focus ST, however, should be a good match for the VW GTI and the Mazdaspeed 3. platform: Ford's global compact front-drive architecture. powertrain: The company's turbocharged and direct-injected, 2.0-litcr twin-cam 16-valvc EcoBoost four—247 horsepower and 260 pound-fcct of torque—provides thrust, via a six-speed manual or Ford's new six-speed dual-clutch automatic. competition: Honda Civic Si, Mazdas peed 3, Volkswagen GTI. what might go wrong: Fordhasa history of diluting the excellence of its European cars for the American market. estimated arrival and price: November 2011,at $27,000.

performers, while Grand Sport may become the base model.

There will be changes under the hood, too. Despite the probability of slightly reduced displacement, output of the Cor vette's pushrod V-8s—naturally aspirated and supercharged (ZRi)—should be about the same as that of current engines, thanks to new direct injection systems. Also, fuel economy ratings may show a slight uptick. But don't expect a hybrid version.

Pricing conjecture is just that. We look for the base Corvette coupe to start at roughly $52,000, ranging up to about $115,000 for the ZRi. Ifallgoesaccordingtoplan.theC? should hit dealerships in fall of 2012.


what it is: A set of proposals, actually. One calls for this top Caddy to be a full-size execu-cruiser—bigger than the upcoming XTS—built to challenge Europe's large sedans. Derivatives may eventually include a large personal-luxury coupe—think BMW 6-series and Mercedes CL-class. why it matters: TheCTShas rekindled respect for Cadillac, but GM's premium division needs a prestige sedan to move a step closer to resuscitating its "new-standard of tl»e world" mantra. platform: A heavily modified version of GM's rear drive Zeta component set. powertrain: Speculation hovers around a supercharged V 6 or a naturally aspirated V-8, possibly both, mated to



34 down

36 across

what it is: A sleek luxury sedan designed as a dedicated E V. why it matters: IfEvsbccomca success, Infiniti will—for the first time— be a leader. The other luxury brands, after all, only make hybrids. platform: The Infiniti will be built off the Nissan Leaf.

powertrain: The Nissan Leaf motor, likely tuned to make between 130 and 150 horsepower,powered by lithium-ion batteries, driving the front wheels through a 0 single-speed trans axle. The range should be > better than the Leafs real-world 80 miles. ° competition: Pisker Nina andTesla Model S (if they are ever produced). what might go wrong: The Infiniti E V will be a good looking, well appointed \ sedan, but the question remains whether -more than a few customers will be ready to = put up with a diminutive range, long charging hours, mediocre performance, % and a huge price premium. c estimated arrival and price: Mid-2013, more than S4o,ooo. =



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