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MERCURY 39-40 NOS front crossmember; 40 2-dr sedan door latch lock assembly; 40 bumper guards; 41 rear bumper, station wagon; 41 front license plate bracket, complete; 41 NOS pressure plate; 46-48 NOS hood orn lower front; 46-48 crankhole cover, complete w/upper & lower splicer, s/s; 46-48 NOS center grille ornament; 46-48 body moldings; 46-48 engine hood; qtr window convertible regulator repair gear, 3-1/4 dia; 46-48 lh front fender; 46-48 r&l grilles; 46-48 fender spear; 46-48 NOS rr fender; 49 grille center orn; 49 engine hood; 49 trunk handle; 49 gauges w/cluster; 49 front fenders; 49 inner fenders; 49-50 rear bumper irons; 49-50 hood orn; 49-50 taillight lens; 49-51 NOS rear qtr moldings; 49-51 body molds; 49-51 conv qtr window reg gear, 3-1/4"; 50 trunk orn; 50 NOS fender moldings; 50 rear end; 50 bellhousing & dust cover; 50 2-dr vent windows; 50 hood latch plate; NOS 51 front fender accy s/s ornaments; 51 dash ashtray; 51 trunk orn & handle; 52 NOS front bumper to radiator pan; 52 lh quarter stone shield; 53-54 rear quarter mldgs; 53-54 NOS 2-dr r door trim; 54 front fender trim; 55 hood bird; 55 front rh fender trim; 55 roof trim set; 56 r&l rear accy bumper wings; 56 front fender to hood trim;

56 2-dr rh door trim; 56 front fender trim; 56 fender to hood trim; 56 convertible & hardtop doors; 56 hardtop door flippers; 56 windshield trim; 56 weather strip retainers; 57 2-dr body s/s moldings; 57 pass front fender;

57 wiper pivots and pulley; 57 parklight r assy; 57 front fender trim; 57-58 NOS front fender wheel lip s/s; 58 Monterey taillights; 58 engine hood; 58 radio; 58 headlight assys; 58 backup lenses, r&l; 58 taillight trim orn; 59 front fender; 59 rear quarter to trunk trim; 59 front stone shield; 59 plated trunk molding; 59 hood & r&l moldings; 59 front fenders, Park Lane taillights, grilles, moldings; 60 NOS long qtr s/s molding; 60 front fender moldings; 61 clock; 61 grille and headlight grille; 61 taillight assy; 62 Comet NOS parklights; 62 Comet pillar orn; 62 front fenders; 62 grille; 62 long trunk trim; 62 long hood trim; 62 Comet grille; 62 headlight doors; radio, heat control; 63 taillight lens; 63 clock; 63 Meteor script; 64 headlight doors; 64 Comet fenders; 64 bumper to grille pan; 64 back pillar trim; 64 taillights; 64 horn ring; 64 speedo cluster; 64 glovebox door; 65 NOS Comet rocker trim; 65 Commuter script; 65 headlight grilles, r&l; 65 Montclair script; 65 wiper switch; 65 turn signal switch; 65 clock; 65 taillight assy; 65 Mont-clair lh front fender trim; 65 headlight doors; 66 rear qtr trim; 66 Comet fenders; 66 big Merc fenders; 66 lower grille pan; 66 NOS clock; 66 headlight doors, set;

66 upper grille trim; 66 front fender cap & parklight;

67 NOS clock; 67 clock; 67 wiper switch; 68 NOS clock; 69 lower grille to fender trim; 69 rr quarter orn and bezel; 69 wiper switch; 70 L taillight, complete; 74 Monarch back trim panel; 74 fuel gauge; many small parts available; bank cards accepted, phone calls preferred, I will help. Mike Dennis, Nebraska Ford Parts, 1845 S 48, Lincoln, NE 68506, PH: 402-489-3036 home and shop, 8 am to 8 pm CST; **30-YR** 1939-51 MERCURY parts: 1940 grille; 1939-40: NOS right runningboard, front fenders; parting 41 4-dr; parting 1942 sedan; 1946-48: fenders, bumper, guards; parting 1949-51 Fordor Mercs. 970-686-2926, CO. **24-YR**

1955-56 MERCURY Montclair and Monterey seat kits and side panel kits. In business since 1952. Ron's Auto, 1634 Church St, Philadelphia, PA 19124, 215289-0557, FAX: 215-289-5855.

MERCURY 1955 to 1956 NOS original accessory windshield washer jar assembly, complete in original box. Bill Truant, 410-321-1960, MD.

MERCURY 1949-50-51: 49-50 perfect rear window, new Carpenter rear window gasket, overdrive cable w/handle, complete emergency brake mechanism w/cable, complete 1950 parklight housings w/NOS faceplates, wiring, lenses from restored car; excellent front fenders, coupe doors, complete Mercury engine, new Jamco 4" drop rear springs, much more, inquire. 414-425-0222, 414-698-8329, WI. 1949-53 MERCURY taillight reflectors, exact reproductions, $14 pr plus s&h. Jim Helm, 817-261-6843, TX; email: [email protected] **30-YR**


'49-'66 Full Size Models

New reproduction and used parts. Ask For Our FREE Catalog


^ 308-946-2564

MERCURY: weatherseals, window settings, interiors, floor mats, trunk mats, trunk interiors, parts, restoration items. 781-246-3266, MA; **40-YR** MERCURY 1957-60 misc trim and interior parts, excellent used. Larry Camuso, 408-483-9414, CA; visit us online at: **30-YR**

MERCURY Capri convertible tops, cables, top packages. M & T Mfg Co, orders: 800-999-2892 or visit us online at:; information: 401-789-7720, RI; or [email protected]

MERCURY parts: NOS, reproduction, used sheetmetal, rubber, emblems, parking & taillights, side trim, bumpers, door sill plates, glass. Mercury & More, 360-687-3472, WA; [email protected]

1949-1951 MERCURY parts. Kaes, 705-277-3459, ON, Canada; [email protected]

MERCURY 1951 fender skirts, one pair, rust-free, good condition, will fit 1949-1950. 719-942-3567, CO.

1954 MERCURY taillight housings (bezels), die cast zinc, these are also triple chrome, exact reproduction, new rubber pad on bottom and new steel plate also, $300 pr plus s&h, limited run. Jim Helm, PO Box 3597, Arlington, TX 76007, 817-261-6843, please leave message, thanks. **30-YR**

1954 MERCURY taillight lenses, brand new retooled reproductions, terrific appearance, $59.95 plus s&h; call or write. Jim Helm, Box 3597, Arlington, TX 76007, 817-2616843. **30-YR**

1952-1953 MERCURY backup lenses, exact reproductions, correct lettering, call now! $49.95 pr plus s&h. Jim Helm, 817-261-6843, TX; email: [email protected] **30-YR**

1952-53 MERCURY taillight lenses, FoMoCo, $49.95 pr plus s&h. Jim Helm, PO Box 3597, Arlington, TX 76007, 817-261-6843. **30-YR**

57 MERCURY nice front end assembly, fenders, hood, grille & bumper, $500; also back glasses. 620-482-4405 cell or 580-652-3333, OK.

MERCURY 1954 parking light lenses with gaskets, absolutely beautiful, flawless reproductions, $65 pr plus s&h. Jim Helm, 817-261-6843, TX; email: [email protected] **30-YR** MERCURY 1954 back-up lens, looks great, perfect fit, $70 pr +s&h. Jim Helm, Box 3597, Arlington, TX 76007, 817261-6843, [email protected] **30-YR**

1955 MERCURY taillights, MRST55, $85 pair; call or write. Jim Helm, PO Box 3597, Arlington, TX 76007, 817261-6843. **30-YR**

MERCURYLAND for sale: we're looking forward to retirement, purchasing options: business name, website, etc, reproduction and used inventory; business | name, website, etc, and reproduction inventory; busi-1 ness name, website, etc, and certain years (example: 1949-1956); used inventory; serious inquiries only. ^308-946-2564, NE; email: [email protected] ^

NOS Mercury seat cloth, vinyl yardage, 1950s-1990s; carpets, headliners, vinyl tops, etc. Original Auto Interiors, 7869 Trumble, Columbus, MI 48063, PH: 586-727-2486; email: [email protected]; **31-YR** 51 NOS grille half; 42-48 NOS rr woody fender; 68 NOS front fenders; 51 dash; 51 hood; 41 NOS hood side stainless; 41 NOS fender tops; 46-48 lr fender; 46-48 lf fender; 15" rims; shipping extra. Lowell Kimble, 810 Prospect Ave, Norfolk, NE 68701; 402-649-1116 or 402-379-1354. PARTING all models of Mercury, 1940s-1980s, excellent body, trim, mechanical, electrical, also many new parts, shipping anywhere, credit cards accepted. Collectors' Choice Auto Parts, 941-923-4514, Sarasota, FL. PARTING 52 to 75 Mercurys including a 40 coupe. Classic Auto Parts, PH: 208-762-8080, ID; or online:

PARTING out: 52 Monterey, 55-56 Mercurys, 63 Monterey, 65 Marauder, 67-73 Cougars, 69-70 Marauders, Montereys, 70 Cyclone GT, 70 Montego wagons, 63-66 Comets, 69 Montego convertible. Unique Auto Salvage, 407-293-7843, FL. **25-YR**

PARTING Mercurys 1939-1989, good sheetmetal, good brightwork, 4,000 cars. 208-536-6607, ID. PARTING out 1964 Marauders, 1967 Park Lanes, 410s, 390s, 406s, 428s, 427s, call with needs, 1955-1970 Mercurys. 612-916-7090, TX.

POWER steering: want modern power steering for your 1949-64 Fords and Mercurys or 1949-56 Lincolns? We have integral power steering to meet your needs. 701223-2269, ND; email: [email protected]; website:

RADIATORS, all new copper or aluminum, stock and high performance, repairs and recores. Classic Radiator, 516293-2175 NY; RADIOS: Mercury Comet, Cougar, Montego, 1963-1973, factory originals, AM, AM-FM, stereo, fully reconditioned and guaranteed. 843-333-4949, SC; visit our online radio catalog at: RADIOS: AM-FM stereo conversions/restorations by NJ Antique Auto Radio, all brands. 856-728-1293, 800-7437643, PIN 27; [email protected] RESTORATIONS, no job too big or small, we can do it all; complete or partial, call us now, let's talk about your car. White Post Restorations, 540-837-1140, VA; **50-YR**

RESTORATIONS. Hullco Layton Garage, Restorations & Repairs, 973-948-4380, Layton, NJ;

SHOCK absorbers, lever type, largest worldwide rebuilder, 1909-1980, exchange or yours rebuilt, $75-$195 most. 1610 Middle Rd, Calverton, NY 11933, 800-882-7753;

SHOCKS: h/d, x-h/d, hydraulic, loadlevelers, air shocks, Mercury coil and leaf springs, chassis parts; established 1936. 800-344-1966, CO; SPEEDOMETER, 1990s Mercury odometer repair, quality work, quick turnaround. Overseas Speedometer, 100 Wallis Dr, Austin, TX 78746, 800-444-0292;

SPRINGS: American made Mercury coil and leaf springs, stock/custom, shackles, bushings, U-bolts, shocks; established 1936. 800-344-1966, CO; SUSPENSION coil springs, 1934-2007, standard, custom made. Coil Spring Specialties LLC, PO Box G, 632 W Bertrand, St Mary's, KS 66536, 785-4372025, FAX: 785-437-2266; [email protected]; or

WINDSHIELDS: new Turnpike Cruiser and all other domestic, foreign and exotic auto glass. 405-789-9499, OK; [email protected] **38-YR** WIRING, show quality, exact reproductions of originals, see display ad under Services Offered. Rhode Island Wiring Service, 401-789-1955, RI. **32-YR**

WIRING harnesses: Mercury 1939-64, duplicates of originals, simplified instructions with illustrations and wiring diagram, catalog $4. YnZ's Yesterday's Parts, 333 E Stuart Ave A, Redlands, CA 92374, 909-798-^1498; **38-YR** ^

WIRING harnesses, wiring supplies and wiring installations; all our authentic products are of the highest quality and our customer service is unchallenged. 401-364-3839, RI; WANTED: 1966 Cyclone grille, driver's side or whole. 904-993-2910, FL.

WANTED: engines, 1958-1971, 430/400; 390/330-335; 406/385-405; 410/330; 427/410-425; 428/335-340, 345360; 429/360, 370, 375; operative engine codes: B, C, G, J, K, M, N, P, Q, R, S, W; also 4-speed setups. George, 603-361-3660, NH.

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