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HAVE 1,000+ 1954-72 blocks (big and small block), heads, carbs (1x4, 2x4, 3x2 and fuel injection), intake and exhaust manifolds, distributors, bellhousings, transmissions and rear ends for your 1953-75 Corvette, call with what you need, I probably have it. 805-929-3910, CA. HEADS: need a dated head for a 1955-77 Corvette, Camaro or Chevelle? Call Engines Limited, your Chevrolet and Corvette engine supplier for over 20 years, thank you. Randy, 920-685-0288, WI; **21-

HEADLAMP parts: 63-67 buckets, pivots and misc, 68-82 complete or parts. 310-329-5334, CA. 1966 HEADREST seats, in very good condition, good tracks and no rust, $1,600. 310-329-5334, CA. HEATER and a/c assemblies, inside and out, parts and pieces, 1968-82. PH: 310-329-5334, CA. HEATER switch: new reproduction, Vette, 53-57, $149; 5862, $139; includes cable as original. Corvette Specialties of MD West, 800-638-6450, 760-568-6450, CA. **34-YR** HOODS: 1963, 64 and 65-7; 61-2, 58-60, 53-5, 56-7. PH: 805-929-3910, CA.

HOODS, 100s to choose from, 1964-1982, small block and some big block, from $100 and up. 310-329-5334, CA. HOOD, big block, 1967, original, in excellent condition, $1,600. 310-329-5334, CA.

HOOD, big block, 1966, original, in excellent shape, $1,600. 310-329-5334, CA.

HOOD, 1959-60, original, never had any damage, no repairs, $900. 310-329-5334, CA.


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Pacific Western Design, Inc.

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1360) 385-5493


HORNS, car horns beautifully rebuilt, restored, look and sound like new. The Horn Works, 608-361-0095, WI;

HORNS and burglar alarms (Corvette and GM) rebuilt to NCRS specs, using new internal parts, rebuilt horns available outright. Dennis Portka, 4326 Beetow Dr, Hamburg, NY 14075, 716-649-0921.

HORNS, 1958-60, #351-352 and 1961-2, #441-442, unre-stored, $150 ea. 310-329-5334, CA. HUBCAPS, complete with spinners and hardware, 1965, $479 per set (4); also 56-58 & 59-62, $559 per set (4). Corvette Specialties of MD West, 800-638-6450, 760-5686450, CA. **34-YR**

HUBCAPS: 100s of used 1963-1966 hubcaps, $25-$100 ea. 310-329-5334, CA.

HUBCAPS, Corvette, 56-66, street or show quality | available, prices vary; 1967 bolt-on starbursts, in GM | boxes, $1,000 set of 4. 541-383-1811, OR.

HUBCAPS, 1966, NOS, set of 4, no spinners, $500. 310329-5334, CA.

IGNITION shielding, 100s of pieces available, 63-76. PH: 310-329-5334, CA.

INSTRUMENTS: restoration of speedometers, tachometers, gauge clusters, gas tank sending units and glovebox doors. Clocks restored for 1953-1982 Vettes. Do-it-yourself original electric and quartz kits for clocks. Optional video available. Complete clocks for 1968-1982 Corvettes available in quartz and electric. Instrument Services Inc, 11765 Main St, Roscoe, IL 61073, PH: 800-558-2674; **12-YR** INSTRUMENT clusters, 1963-1967, complete assemblies or individual gauges, starting at $75; some NOS gauges available. 310-329-5334, CA.

INSTRUMENTS restored; see our ad in Services Offered. D&M Restoration; KNOCK-OFF wheel wrench available, engineered for proper torque with a urethane insert to protect the chrome, fits repro and original wheels, call for details. Dennis Portka, 4326 Beetow Dr, Hamburg, NY 14075, 716-649-0921. KNOCK-OFF wheel, 1963-66, original, good condition, $1,250. 310-329-5334, CA.

KNOCK-OFF wheels, originals, set of four; 1963-66 original spinners and hubs, $5,000. 310-329-5334, CA. LITERATURE for your Corvette: all original, all years, owner's manuals, warranty books and glovebox items needed for optimum points in judging; also sales brochures, service manuals, paint chip brochures, postcards, showroom posters, press kits, billboards, cassettes, videos, magazines, window stickers and lots more, satisfaction guaranteed, inventory always changing, bank cards accepted, call, email or fax wants. Jim Clemens, PH: 321-639-8431, FAX: 321636-3372, FL; [email protected] MANUALS: shop, 1953-74, from $22; parts book, 195357. Call Auto Book Center, 800-448-6244, 941-505-7675, FL; **33-YR** MATCHING numbers Vette engines, correctly restored, date coded, balanced, warranteed, over 500 in stock, must for show quality restoration. 310-670-9575, CA. MOLDINGS, 1963-1967 coupe and convertible interior and exterior, front and rear windows, $50 & up. PH: 310329-5334, CA.

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