Pod Time

other the 'drag7 spec arches with the raised clearance.

Frustratingly, once at the Pod it was extremely busy plus the cold damp start held up play until the tracK was dried. My first of only three runs was something of a shock; the track was still damp in places and dragged the car all over the show. The second run was much better (still onToyo R888s)a 12.2 @127 was recorded and that saw my PB beaten again.

With the time approaching 4pm it was time for one last run. I was undecided on whether to run with R888s or drag slicks. After all the work to get the drag slicks fitted it was decided these would be used.

A 2nd gear burnout approaching the line warmed the tyres nicely and we were all set to get a great time with grip!

On the line it was 1st gear engaged. 7000rprn held on ttie biting point. One simple sidestep of the clutch, 2.1 bar and 470hp hit the deck... I was off...

Never have I felt grip like it and the car lunged forward like never before. As quick as it launched it backed off, something was not right. The paddle clutch had given up and thrown in the towel. Disappointment set in! It seems that monster drag slicks need a monster clutch!

The next upgrade is a twin plate ceramic clutch and then we shall see about another date with San:a Pod.

For videos of the day please see www.youtube.com and type in The Trolley - Fiesta RS - Santa Pod -24/10/10'.


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