Petrol Tank

D he job of a swirl pot is to ensure a constant feed of fuel to the fuel pump, ana therefore the engine This may sound obvious but when driving hard, especially 011 uack, the high forces experienced when cornering can cause the fuel to be 'thrown' away from the pick up pipe. This can lead to potentially engine-destroying fuel starvation. To ensure there is a constant feed of fuel, and to protect the engine from running lean, a swirl pot is used. This basically acts like a reservoir The tall, narrow shape means it is unaffected by surge, unlike the traditionally low and wide shaped main fuel tanks.

A secondary fuel pump is required tc supply fuel to the swirl pot, but unlike the main pump doesn't have to be high pressure to supply the fuel rail, instead it just has to flow enough volume to keep the swirl pot full The mam fuel pump then feeds the fuel rail at the required higher pressures from an outlet in the swirl pot.

At the bottom of the swirl pot should be two lines; an input from the tank via the low pressure pump, and an outlet for the high pressure pump. At the top there should be another two pipes for the returns; one coming from the fuel rail, and one going to the return in tt*e tank.

As the fuel enters the swirl pot from the low pressure pump it 'swiils' around (hence llie name) allowing any air to escape at the top, and ersuring a constant supply of fuel is ready at the outlet pipe. The return from the fuel rail at the top of the pot also helps promote this swirl effect

Although it might mean some slight revis ons to your existing fuel system, fitting a swirl pot is great way to avoid any potential fuel starvation issues and migfit just save you the cost of a rebuild!

A swirl pot is basically a reservoir which ensures there is always a constant supply of fuel to the main pump

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