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The club rounds off its show season with a mega meet...

It's good to close the show hardcore even made it up to season with a meet. It's Blackpool for the Annual Ford a chance to chat about Day, although they wished the events attended through they hadn't bothered when the year, and hear about the the rain did its best to wash shows you may not have had them all into the North Sea.

the charce to make it to. The venue for the Mega

FordTorque members mark Meet was chosen for its the passing of the year with central location, and club their Mega Meet.This year, it members travelled from all was held at the Old Irish Harp over the country to attend, in Aldridge, west Midlands Despite the dodgy weather,

- the regular haunt of the there was a massive number

Midlands branch of the club. of cars on display, reflecting

The club's been going since the wide range encompassed

2007 and has gained nearly by FordTorque.

2000 members in that time. "The club is still growing,"

They keep themselves busy says Mark. "In fact, where for a web-based club. The there was once just one year kicked off by celebrating forum, there are now their third anniversary with individual ones for each a dyno shootout at Aldon region. The Mega Meet is the

Automotive. While they were chance to bring all the regions all together, Mark Mercer and together as people probably the team took the opportunity won't see each other again lo hand oul awards lo Ihe until Ihe nexl rolling road people v/ho've made the in March."

biggest contributions to the So with notes compared, club over the year. parts swapped and a bit

The club has also managed of lunch tucked away, the to have a presence at most FordTorque crew parted of the major events through company for another year, the year, including having Mark was chuffed with the respectable stands at Fiesta turnout, and is already looking

In The Park, Ford Fair and forward to another hectic the Classic Ford Show. The year in 2011.

WHO: fordtorque WHERE: aldridge, west mids


"And this is where I keep my nipple."



Volk Racing alloys are an unusual, but successful choice

EMC Engines built the more weight out of the

2024cc engine, which is shell with more drilling topped with twin Weber and metal removal ■ the

42 DCNFs. The unit will . doors wefe.alre.ady rev to 8500rpm and marked up forsBme pruduces aruurid 17Gbhp, strategic trimming, which in a stripped out Strange that as Paul has

Mk2 Fiesta meaffirplenty got closer to a complete of fun. race spec, he's been power is only half the using it as a daily driver story with a successful over the summer. But track car, and with the car looking this underneath the fully good, it'd be a shame to caged shell lies some leave it at home, well sorted suspension, inverted AVO front struts along with AVO springs emc Engines-built all round top the list with engine, Weber 42

poly bushes used dcnfs, avo struts and throughout. Tie Fiesta springs, poly bushes, rides on Rays Volk TF37s Rays Volk TE37 wheels, and Avon ACBlOs, a neat Avon tyres wheel tyre combo. Power i70bhp

Paul's planning to take (estimate)

t Abtat

Rev happy 2024cc N/A CVH screamer

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