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The final thing to do is run the car on the dyno to check everything is working as it should before taking it out on the open road.

Q Remove the throttle body assembly from the old manifold and re*'it it to the rew Sitech one.

Q Gently fit the new manifold onto the head, taking care to ensure the O-rings seat correctly, and then bolt in place.

The final thing to do is run the car on the dyno to check everything is working as it should before taking it out on the open road.

Reattach all hoses and electrical connections previously removed and the job's almost done.

Success! Without any drama the power output v/as increased from 402bhp to 439bhp. Out on the road Graeme reported that the car felt significantly quicker and was more responsive throughout the rev ranga^ Graeme was very impressed with the conversion and all in all thinks it was money very well spent.


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The Complete Performance Induction System for the Ford Focus RS

All ITC Intokri a'?cpo total and jrutw to liweose p yttei

• A mossivs 5' intake duct routed down to the front splitter for moimum airflow when on the move

• Heavy duty 5ply silicon hose to prpvent collapse wider moximum load

■ New AB9Jb airbox constructed from2 layer pre-prig. vacuum bagged and ajtodo»edcorbon fibre os opposed to ihe cheaper wet loyup corbon fibre used by otter manufacturers.

• ITG'sTNB heavy duty ccre filler that features a large radiused outlet for maximum eirflow into the engine.

• During testing on a stage 3 mapped car with 550« injectors, uprated intircoolef and free flowing eihausl system this kit delivered an v. jI r o

30 bh |> and 4/lr/lbs ol torque at the wheels over Ihe stock airbox.

(Rtateme ShwriMtagp & BMms© ^jtop^teto^O

We also offer Pro Filter Direct Replocerent Panel Filters for modern and dassk Fords. Visit the rC website and chock

Pro Filter for full listing and prices.

• Superior filtration * More power • Longer life

• No cleaning • Flame retardant foam

• Triple layer filtration * MAF senior friendly

• Filters reinforced with stainless steel

• Recommended prices from £30

Performance air filters telephone: 024 76305386

For further details and the name of four neorest ITG dealer conlact ITG on 024 7630 5386 or visit their website at wvw.itgairtilters com

Induuion Technology Grouj. Unit B Oumn Ckse. Sever Srars Industrial [sire. Whiftoy. CoTawtr». CV3 <IH.

° f WG/tff Building o /?ou/*g flow o Engine Tuning ° Custom Exhaust Systems o Power Upgrades o 3D Wheel Alignment o Transmission o Restoration Work o Diagnostics 0 Full Car Builds Any Spec

0121 5571327

07765 181 429 [email protected]

performance and race car tuning

ni7Qfi dR-MQ*;

Focus RS tuning and approved servicing

Scottish dealer for all Jamsport conversions u/u/u/ citorhraninn rn ulr

Full project car building

Aftermarket ECU supply and fit

Rolling road tuning and |


Stock ECU remapping for must vehicles

Race car chassis setup

Nitrous fitting and refills

Ralaasa: SioraVkiys Fariiafmfj. Maputos© tor AJ

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