Dean Hyndman Fiesta Mk2

snapping driveshafts, complaining of driveshaft off the line, great achievement

Dean was out to play traction problems at which was promptly and Dean was with a newly fitted set first though. "Grip is a replaced in the pits, understandably of coiiovers and a big problem. I've not so Dean could run over the moon, trick up his sleeve in had anything like that one final time. And it the form of some tyre before; the torque was lucky he did, as quick spec softener to help make steer was scary!" he managed to snatch zetec Turbo, T34, the Toyo R888s a bit A second run saw him ihe new record by FRST management, stickier. He toe was snap yet another running a 12.1! A diesel bc gearbox.

Recognise the car? This was the winner of the front wheel drive category at the 2010 Central Day and might be what you would call the underdog of the day. After a quiet summer

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