All Our Alloy Fabrication Is Available Polisheo To A Mirror Finish Or Pro Series Satin Black For That Ultimate Stealth Look

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Cosworth 2wd & 4xd (Including Escort) with or without swirl pot outlet £125.00

Escort SI i S2 with or without swirl pot outlet £125.00

Fiesta RSIurbo With or wthout swirl pot outlet £135.00

Escort MK.5/6 Gti & RS2000 Water g> Power steering Combo tank £215,00

Focus Mki 1.8/2.0 Including RS&ST170 £125.00

Focus Mk; ST225 & F0CU5 Mk2 RS'No driling design' £155.00

Swirl Pots - Helps remove Air locks for cooling system

Escort RSTurbc SI &S2 £70.00

Cosworth Swlrf pots, helps remove un wanted air locks £70,00 Oil Breather, Catch tanks A Power Steering tanks

>i & 52 Oil breather, a must for modified RS Turbo's £60.00

Cosworth Fast road Oil separator, perfect for vo to 370bhp fBO.OO

Cosworth Fast road Oil separator fitting kit £50,00

Cosworth Grp 'A'Oil separator & catch tank. p«rfect for over 350bhp £215,00

Cosworth Power steering tanlcfits all models £BO,OC


3dr Sapphir« 2\v-0/4vit 9S500 ityW. 6tV.m cor« £250.00

3dr & Sapphire 2wd/4x4 RS500 style. 70«m core £275.00

Cosworth Amal valve bracket used wher running RS500 intercooler £l 5.00

Escort Cosworth <non air-con) RS500 sty l& 62mm cot« £275.00

51 RS turbo front mount Intercooler kit with twin fans £265.00

52 RS turbo front mount Intercooler kit with twin fans £285,00 Fiesta turto STG 1 front mount tatercool* 11'fan upgrade £255,00 Fiesta tuito STG 2 front mount tatercool* twin fans £285,00 Focus Mki RS Air to Air Conversion kit £645,00 Focus Mki RS With New Pir-Ram scoop £395,00 FOCUS Mki ST225 Turbo Oen 3 £295.00 Kadiators

Cosworth I All models) 50mm core, fast road £200.00

Cosv/orth [All models) 60nm core,fast road & track day, £225.00


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