Cams Hafts

BC high performance cams for the 4B11 engine found in the new Mitsubishi Evo X platform feature new billet cores that are CNC ground on Schaudt grinders for the most accurate, most consistent lobe specification available industry wide. Choose from two dyno proven profiles... a Stage 2 that features increased lift and duration but allows the cams to be run with OEM valve springs, or a Stage 3 high lift profile for increased rpm potential and bigger horsepower gains.


BC Brian Grower cams for the Toyota 3GSTE are CNC ground to two dyno proven lobe specifications. Stage 2 is a street/strip that delivers good street manners while producing a 25+ HP gains overstock profiles. OK to use the OEM spring so straight forward remove and replace installation. The Stage 3 profiles are a full race spec requiring extensive mods, ECU tuning and aftermarket valve springs. These cams will deliver added rpm potential and extensive HP gains.

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Save 10% when you buy a BC Brian Grower camshaft and cam gear combo. Available for SR2GDE(T| Mitsubishi 4G63 and Eva 8 and the Subaru ejzo5 my.. |


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