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By Jae Bueno

Friday nights are usually reserved for a nice quiet night at home after a long workweek. Friday nights in Southern California are a little bit different; they are the perfect night to wipe down your ride and check out a cruise night with the family. Vintage Bombs South Side Car Club started their Friday night cruise nights at Downey California's Bob's Big Boy restaurant in the summer of 2010. The restaurant is no stranger to hosting cruise nights, since it also hosts a very popular weekly Wednesday cruise night. The restaurant was previously a Johnnie's Broiler, and was a landmark cruise spot that continues to bring in a large number of cars and families-even today.

art for the kids. The club also hosted a raffle, and a 50/50 drawing. After checking out the cars, many people went inside the restaurant and had a nice dinner. Bob's Big Boy has dinner specials during the cruise night for those in attendance, as they appreciate the crowds on those nights.

The Friday night we were there, a number of car clubs came out to support the club and the restaurant. Old Memories, Techniques, Vieji-tos, Goodfellas, Thee Untouchables, and Lo Nuestro were in the spot, showing off some of their best rides. A few solo riders also showed up to check out the event.

Next time you and the family are looking for something to do on a Friday night, cruise on down to Bob's Big Boy in Downey, California for some great food and great cars. Thanks to Vintage Bombs South Side for the invite! ■

The club made sure there was musical entertainment by DJ Chente, Mr. 0G, and a balloon artist worked to create some intricate balloon

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By Alfonso Marroquin

On August 14,2010, the City of Alton, Texas and Latin Fantasy Car Club held their 2nd annual benefit car show at the Boys and Girls Club. This years proceeds went to support the San Martin De Porres Church for renovations. Many local car clubs came out to support the show, although the weather was at 107 degrees. Some local supporters that attended were Aftermath, Traditionals, Southern Image Kreations, United Cities, Ground Zero, Veteranos Firme, and a few other local car clubs. Solo Riders, Bikers, 4x4 vehicles, and many out of town guest also joined the event. A few local rappers came out to entertain the crowd such as Cholo & Ondiado, Altone, and Simple Designs car audio provided DJ's Chandler and DJ Mando to spin the greatest hits.

because everybody came together to show support. The food was good, which local vendors in the town catered and the Alton police department provided the security as well. The City of Alton came together to make an amazing show, and thanks also goes out to Lolo's Hydraulics who sponsored the exhibition carhop.

All in all, at the end of the day the show turned out amazing. The Latin Fantasy Car Club would like to thank Pizza Patron, Lolo's Hydraulics, Simple Designs, Car Audio, Saint Michaels, Columbia Squires, Doggett Heavy Machinery, Oscar's Pharmacy, Killenger Water Well Services, the City of Alton, and Texas for their support.

On behalf of Latin Fantasy Car Club, we would like to thank everybody for showing their support for this great cause. ■

The car show went very well,



If you've been Lowriding for the past twenty years or more, then you are one of the few individuals who have seen the culture evolve into a more family-oriented lifestyle. For the most part, the days of solo riders are long gone, leaving behind a new generation of families who have multiple riders holding keys. If that's not the case, then it is dad bringing along the wife and kids to the shows, instead of going as a lone rider. No matter the scenario, the family has always been of the utmost importance to a rider, but even more so in these modern times.

The club chose to focus on the children for the picnic. The children, like the wives/girlfriends, support the club by attending shows, helping at the shows, and some are a part of Techniques' Bike Club. The picnic was a way to thank them for their support. Club member "Cholo" was in charge of entertaining the kids, and he did a heck of a job! The kids were kept busy all day with games and activities, and with prizes given out to those lucky kids who won the games.

There was also plenty of food and drinks for everyone that was in attendance. Entertainment came in various forms; the club set up a volleyball court for anyone that wanted to play, and music was played throughout the day.

Many clubs now allow family members to wear colors at the shows and participate in club functions. As a result, Lowriding is a family affair, which makes it even more enjoyable for everyone.

As the day became evening, it was time to pack up and head home. Everyone, especially the kids, had a great time! Events like this bring family life and club life together, and help to strengthen the bond between club members and their respective families. I'd like to personally thank Techniques for inviting my family and I to the picnic. We, like everyone else, had a wonderful time! ■

Techniques Car Club is definitely a club that recognizes family importance, and kept it in mind as they picked the perfect Southern California Sunday to host their annual picnic. The club reserved the picnic area at Schabarum Regional Park in Rowland Heights, and sent out the invites to their members and the members' families. I

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