Uncommon Ground

I'm letting you know I will not renew my subscription. You feature high-end cars that I will never own or even have a chance to see except at a car show.

I want to read more about cars I can see and drive.

Ross Kempf


I must say that I'm considering discontinuing R&T if you continue to fill 75 percent of your issue talking about econoboxes, fuel economy, green recyclable cars and hybrids.

Jim Stephenson



Radios have segued into Books on Tape (actually, these days it's Books on CD), so you can listen about how to improve your golf swing while hustling along the turnpike ("Hang Up and Drive," Side Glances, March 2010). At least one domestic carmaker now offers what used to be a glove-box as a means to keep food or drink either warm or cool, making your vehicle a rolling dining room. People have so many distractions just keeping all of those "conveniences" adjusted.

Rog Patterson OCALA, FLORIDA

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