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SPIED: And ForFour shapes up, too

AUTO Express's team of spy photographers is off the scale - as we can also reveal this l:4-scale model of the new Smart Forfour.

The stretched city car has four seats and four doors, and its styling points to the look of the next ForTwo.

Developed with RenaultNissan, the ForFour is still rear-engined and rear-wheel drive, but the jerky auto will make way for a fresh unit.

The new ForTwo debuts at September's Frankfurt Motor 5how, and goes on sale soon after for around £10,000.

Sam Hardy

AN A-Class that's gunning forthe Golf? Sounds good to us. Given the success of the Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series, this model would be crucial for Mercedes. Chairman Dieter Zetsche said as much when he spoke to Auto Express at the Detroit Motor Show. "The current A-Class family is not broad enough," he told us. "The next model will be very different. This sector is growing fast, with lots of different customers." But will existing buyers be put off by the looks? judging by this clay model, with its controversial, CLS-style slashes, the firm is willing to gamble on upsetting its core market in an effort to attract new customers.

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