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Auto Express content is available for syndication. Contact An j Dosaj-Halai on 020 79076132 or anj [email protected] for details.

Auto Ijprrss is piihliyhrcl nrrfcfy by Dennis Publishing Ltd. Company registered in tngland, number 1136891.

Al material copyright Ocnms Publishing limited. Pcensec by Felden. this publication inay not be reprocuced or transmittec in any form or in part without the written pcnrvvsionollhrPubfrihrfv Rrgrttered as« newspaper at the Hast Office. Pictures submitted to Auto U press are sentat owners'risk Whilc«wycareistalicn. neither Auto fjprrss norltsagrms accept any liability for loss or damage. Originated on Apple Macintoshes. Rrpro byMitfsMorgan. Prinlrd by Itenham Goodhue Pnnt, Bkester. Dlstrlbubon: Se>mour. 2 bast Poultry «wenue, London ECl A 9PT T«N: 020 71291000. Fax: 020 71291001. Website: *

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