Lifters Are Overrated

Thanks to near-perfect styling, brilliant fab work, and an 8.87 average during the first three days, this solid-axle, Two-Lane Blacktop-inspired '55 had the approval of nearly everyone who laid eyes on it and was a serious threat in the Modified Power-Adder class. When it mangled a pair of Isky solid roller lifters and the accompanying cam lobes in front of an ice cream stand somewhere in Ohio, no one expected Green Bay resident Rick Kornowski to pull up to the starting line in Pennsylvania the next day. The car became a phenomenon af ter laying down its best pass ever, even with two destroyed lobes, arid Rick and his copilot, Ben, became instant heroes. The duo finished the rest of the week by tying up a new set of lifters off the cam lobes with safety wire (removing them entirely would have killed all the oil pressure). An 18mm socket wedged under the exhaust rocker arm gave enough lift to crack open the valve, allowing the Whipple-supercharged big-block to run on seven cylinders. The Chew beat the road, and an 8.84 average netted the guys Third Place in their class.

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