Brent Curran Turbo Master Power

•GEARBOX: Toyota R-154 5speed •CLUTCH: Heavy Duty •DIFF: TRD LSD •EXTRAS: Custom driveshaft > ".. f

•STRUTS: TRD yellow adjustable shocks, Trust Downmax springs •BRACES/ARMS: Ultra Racing strut brace (F&R), underbody braces (F&R) dlff support bars, Cusco rear trunk bar, cusco rear under arm

•WHEELS: Koya Driftek 17x9-inch (F), 17x9.5-inch (R)

•ENHANCEMENTS: Aftermarket front bumper, Euro side skirts, Euro rear lip, C-One carbon bonnet

»SEATS: 2x Bride Brix recllnables, I Bride super low seat rails

»GEAR KNOB: TRD Duralon •INSTRUMENTATION: HKS oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, boost gauges, APEXi Shift light, Blitz Dual SBC Boost controller, Blitz FATT turbo timer •STEREO: Pioneer Touch screen DVD head unit

•ROLL CAGE: Cusco 4-Point Chromoly

•Occupation: Courier •Build time: 1 year •Length of ownership: 2.5 years

•Thanks: Nyle Buckley, Nick Chiew at North Shore Toyota, Din (Kelly Tartton) at Spec2 Developments, Mohammed Bin Laden (4SH0W) Khan, -i John at Mag and Turbo Warehouse, Panmure, and all the HARDNFAST boys.

• 17*9.5-inch +18 Driftek rims perfectly fill these guards. Since buying the wheels Koya has teamed up with Vash so watch this space as he will be pushing the limits of fitment further

Tickets from

Hampton Downs Motor Sport Park, Hampton Downs Rd, Te Kauwhata


• The 138 is a Series 5 vintage, and has been extensively built by Brent at CBR. Using a billet crank, the blueprinted twin rotor now runs bridgeported, dowetled and balanced housings and 2mm seals

Whitham is slowly creeping towards the start line, OlwVC straddling his one-of-a-kind motorbike as it violently pulses with an unmistakably bridgeported rotary bark.

The bike's skinny front wheel comes to rest on the start line as the staging lights light up. The whites turn to ambers and then greens as Steve releases the transbrake and wrenches the throttle in unison. The big Hoosier drag slick hooks up perfectly as nearly 450kilowatts courses through the Mazda 13B engine, the transmission and out to the wheel.

And then Steve is gone. Rocketing down the drag strip atop what is essentially a very powerful motor bolted to a pair wheels, with little more protection than a helmet and some leathers.

It takes some serious nuts to ride a bike like this, but according to Steve, who is still very new to drag racing, it isn't all that bad.

"The bike is definitely scary," he tells NZ Performance Car.

"Launching off the line is a lot like being hit in the back by a garage door and you still definitely feel the two or three G's at the end of the drag strip. It helps that the bike uses an automatic two-stage transmission though, that way the acceleration is constant and I'm not destabilised by gear changes. The only thing that ever crosses my mind is the danger of a fuel fire halfway down the strip."

We'd be quite worried about it too, considering the mass of fuel lines sitting directly below the rider's chin. Until a short while ago, it had been two decades since Steve had last been to a drag strip and almost as long since he last owned a motorbike.

"My mate invited me along to the Western Sydney Nitro Champs, and it was a real eye opener. I watched the fat-tyre drag bikes racing and thought to myself, 'I could do that,' so I did."

Helped by his background working with engines, Steve went home to Whakatane and set to work on his own drag bike, but with one big

•DYNO: 447kW at the wheel

V Steve runs a custom Chuck Mann-built 2 speed Powerglide transmission, mated to a 6000rpm high stall convertor and Gates belt drive system

•ENGINE: Series 5 RX-713B turbo

•BLOCK: Blueprinted, bridgeport, billet crank, 2mm seals, doweled and balanced

•INTAKE: Heavily modified Series 5 intake manifold i

•TURBO: Masterpower T70

•WASTEGATE: Tial 60mm

•FUEL: x8 Bosch 1700cc injectors, Aeromotive ^B 17140 gear-driven fuel pump, Aeromotive I regulator, Speedflow fittings and hoses, custom I fuel tank I

•IGNITION: Motee CDI, NGK R115 plugs,-M

outboard coils

•COOLING: Copper three-core 400mmx280mm ■ radiator, electric fan, Davies Craig electric water I

•ECU: Microtech

•GEARBOX: Drag-spec Chuck Mann 2-speed 1 Powerglide, custom drive heads, Gates Polychain I belt, 4130 flex plate, modified 7-inch 6000rpm high stall Domlnator torque converter J

•OTHER: Sprocket driven rear end, 30mm axles, I custom jackshaft I

•FORKS: Modified 1989 Kawasaki ZXR 750, TUV dampeners H

•BRAKES: (F) Twin pot Tokico calipers, 320mm ■ discs (R) 6-pot Honda GL1800 caliper and discH

•WHEELS: (F) Kawasaki 17-inch (R) custom 15-inch Alloy Wheels rim, CNC machined custom hub •TYRES: (F) Metzeler 120/70ZR17 (R) Hoosier 29x12x15-inch H

•FRAME: Custom Barry Hanright fabricated ^ 4130 steel I

•BODY: Custom hand-formed fiberglass body I •PAINT: Gloss black, custom airbrushing I

• Steve enlisted the help of talented machinist Jim Steadman, who was instrumental in the build, fabricating driveline parts that simply did not exist on the market

• Although the bike would have been very rapid without a turbo, this Masterpower T70 takes things to a whole new level difference. "I didn't want a grenade bike motor. After weighing up all the options the Mazda rotary seemed the best choice. It's compact, makes easy power and has a very smooth power delivery."

After plenty of research, Steve was pointed in the direction of one of our very best rotary tuners - Brent Curran of Curran Brothers Racing, or CBR. The plans for a naturally aspirated 13B powerplant quickly died as soon as Brent got involved, and a new T70-fed, methanol snorting 13B was decided upon. Brent quickly got to work building the bridgeported race motor, and it was soon ready for bolting on up to the newly fabricated 4130 steel frame, designed and built by drag racing legend Barry Hanright.

The bike slowly came together over the next few months and before long Steve was on his way to the drag strip, custom airbrushed, big power race bike in tow. "I originally built the bike as an 8-second racer," Steve says. "We achieved that on only it's fifth run, ever, so soon we'll be looking at seriously upping the power."

It's scary stuff - considering the bike already puts out 447kW at the rear wheel. But hey, if Steve has the nuts for it, we're all for watching him head down the drag strip! ««*

• How safe would you feel down the end of the quarter on this thing?

Mobil Drag Race

The Best Place To Raa

Gates open at 1 pm. Qualifying starts at 3pm Gate admission $20 - Under 12 year olds FREE Sorry no EFTPOS available




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