Zetec chassis, this car was otherwise king of the mountains, using its manual gearbox to good effect, and the extra torque in the middle of the rev range to flatten gradients and overtake the diverse and colourful traffic with authority. It's not as economical as the more expensive Econetic (up from 3.7L/iookm in city/highway tests to 4.4) but is the better drive.

As New Zealand was a latecomer to the joys of the present Fiesta generation, our market has already benefited from some features that the new APA upgrade is only now offering to other countries in our region. By lumping our orders together with Ireland's, Ford NZ was able to introduce the current car with an unparalleled level of sophistication, making it no-brainer for our 2009 Car of the Year award. Value for money was a key factor in the win. Features such as voice-activated Bluetooth (improved on the APA cars), seven airbags, 16-inch alloys and remote controls on the steering wheel impressed, as did pricing, with the Zetec 1.6 manual at $24,990, and the 1.4 auto at $25,990. With a rise looming in the government's GST tax grabs, Ford NZ is understandably keeping cost information about the APA models close to its chest just now. By the time you read this, we may know better what those window tickets may read, but for now, the Fiesta must remain top-of-mind as the best new car that Kiwis can buy for 25 grand. K

Price On Sale in NZ

0-100 km/h

Claimed fuel use C02 output

Capacity Format Max power Max torque Specific output Weight-to-power Bore x stroke Compression ratio Cylinder head

Gearbox Drivetrain front rear front rear

Stability systems

Size Tyres


Wheel base Length/Width/Height Track Drag coefficient Fuel capacity Luggage capacity

With Ml tank

Same mobile- % phone inspired V^^ cockpit layout, same wealth of equipment including voice-activated Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, shame the soft-touch dash-top didn't survive the transition and lively - qualities more often associated with hydraulic power-steering systems. 'Pull-drift compensation' also contributes here, an adaptive feature that keeps the car tracking straight ahead over changes in the camber of the road surface.

The new Thai-made 66kW/2ooNm turbodiesel model was something of a surprise. Just one was available on the launch drive, and it proved to be in much demand. Though the heavier engine slightly dulled the steering expected from a

1596 cc inline 4/transverse 89 kW @ 6000 rpm 151 Nm @ 4050 rpm

12.9 kg/kW


6-speed twin-clutch front-wheel drive

Mac strut/sway bar torsion beam ventilated disc drum


195/50R16 Continental

2489 mm

3950 mm/1722 mm/1496 mm

1478 mm/1465 mm n.a.

43 litres 281-965 litres

1153 kg

Shaun Summerfield takes to southern roads in Suzuki's AWD Kizashi Sport. Does it live up to its name?

Tribute to Possum lords over Middle Earth

Tribute to Possum lords over Middle Earth

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