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Above: Nimbus camper (centre) is being converted into a van.

Escorts, Cortinas, Pops... il it's old and rotten, Retro Restos can sortit.

again. Dean's got a couple of years on me, and I'd known him since I was the annoying kid looking over his shoulder when he was working on cars in the street. But cut of all die older lads, he was the one that would give you die time of day and show you what he was up to. When the time came right for us to finally get working together, I had no worries about going tor it."

Heads Together

The catalyst for forming Retro Restos came when :he friends joined in with die Old Skool Ford drag racing. "We realised there was a lot of potential for a firm that could help out people who knew about their cars, but perhaps weren't skilled in all areas," says Dean. "Many of our customers are good mechanics, but can't weld or spray. Others can do bodywork and know what they want from seeing odier cars out on the scene but need help putting the mechanical package together.

"That's where our experience and contacts in the industry come in, so we can source anything needed for a full-on build right through from a rusty rolling shell to contours show car or racc winning strip machine."

134 Classkford January 2011

Below: clean and tidy unit reflects Martin and Dean's attitiude to their work.

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