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Hi lArf inn '^avea UUSSllOlleBronco that is a gas-guzzling machine, but I want more power out of it, and I want it to be a diesel. I don't have the money to afford a diesel truck, but I

can get my hands on a diesel motor. Can I put a diesel engine intc the Bronco?

Zack Green

Via email

An^wpr-Unless you have r^ I Iw vv v I ma wrecked diesel truck to use as a donor for all the parts you need-diesel engine swaps aren't what we'd call "cheap." The easiest engine for you to swap into your Bronco would be a '94V2 to '97 7.3L Power Stroke. Though Ford never offered the Bronco with that engine, at least we know it will fit in the engine compartment. Look for a totaled diesel F-series truck and ¿void the temptation to buy the parts one at a time. You'll also want to consider upgrading the rest of the drivetrain and the front suspension to cope with the acded weight and torque of the diesel.

While David wanted to keep the SUV and swap a diesel in, it made a lot more sense for him to just buy this '97 Ford F-2S0. It has a lot better power potential than the gas-powered Bronco did and was actually much cheaper to buy. It also allowed him to make room for his Cummins-powered Suburban project.

Editor David Kennedy owned this tricked out Bronco that had everything it needed—except a diesel engine.


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