Vw Polo Tdihighline

1198cc,75PSt 180Nm

■ iM.M..iw>].m Five-speed rranual, frcn-wheel drive

E5SHE2® 15-23 secs OOkm/h, NA top speed

BBEZHIBi 19.75 km pi (overall)

1. The Micra boasts ol luxurious space in the cabin. However, the round shape on the dials and audic system gets a little too much

2. The Start/Stop button for ignition is a good feature. However, the button hides behiid the steering wheal. First-timers find it difficult to locate the button

3. The top-of-the-ine diesel variant comes with alloy wheels

4. The engine in Ihe Figo lacks outright acceleration as well as in gear roll-on

5. The Micra's instrumentation console is simple and easily readable

6. The simple yet informative console of the Pelo gives a lot of information from instantaeous fuel efficiency to total economy and trip meter readings

7. The Polo boasts of the best mill of the lot Powerful and effic ent it's got the best of both the worlds

8. The Micra's engine feels peppy. WHh linear power delivery and no lag, the Micra has gnnrl ririveahflity within city traffic


Nissan Micra XV Premium ( Rs 6.92 lakh, OTR Pune)

Car Road Test #199


Keeping in mind the shrinking parking space, dwindling roads and multiplying number of cars, a small hatch is the best investment for a city dweller. The bonus cones when that little hatch brings along oodles of cabin space and fancy features too. In this shootout too, things were going pretty smooth until the spacious cabin bit, but the bone of cortention arose with the words 'fancy features'. The Micra proves its freshress with features such as proximity lock/unlock and start/stop button, an eve-popping offer in this segment. The Figo and the Polo stand humble in this regard. The Figo feels like a moderate mix of everything, nothing surprisingly special and nothing to make your heart sink either, "he Polo stands strong for those looking for a solid build, rich interior and contemporary styling, but its poor legroom spoils the show. Keeping myself in the shoes of a female buyer, I would buy the Micra if I belonged to the 20-30 age-group and paid maximum importance to looks, freshness and features. If I am driven more by budget and want a decent package in the segment, the Figo will be my obvious pick. And last but certainly not the last, if my budget is a secondary concern and quality, driveability and safety take precedence over other considerations, the VW marque will be the one to adorn my porch.

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