Bmw X1 Launched In India

Laying the foundation for a fresh new segment in the passenger car portfolio of BMW Incia, the new X1 was recently launcned with great fanfare. Defined by company as a sports activity vehicle (SAV), the new X1 stands somewhere in the middle of be ng a rugged tall-boy SUV and a humble low-lying crossover. The car will be produced as a CKD in the country and has been launched with two ergine options: two-litre petrol and two-litre diesel. The four-cylinder common rail diesel engine offers the power and torque figures of 176 PS and 350 Nm and promises to be easy on the pocket too with a promised figure of 15 <m to a Itre. The petrol engine shows peak pov/er and torque readings o" 149 PS and 200 Nm and a promised fuel consumption of 11.2 km/litre. Six-speed automatic transmission has been kept a standard in all the variants and the price starts from Rs 22 lakh and goes up to Rs 29.90 lakh (all India ex-showroom). While the base variants of the car have been kept basic so far as features are concerned, the X1 exclusive comes with some add-on goodies and freebies. BMW seem to be very aggressive in their plans for India.

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