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Omega Pistons

Oak Barn Road, Halesowen West Midlands B62 9DW

Tel: 0121 559 6778 Fax: 0121 559 6779 [email protected] www.omegapistons.com

Coming soon : KMS MD70 ECU

Coming soon : KMS MD70 ECU

KronenUurg Management Systems

Kronen burg Management Systems (KMS)

Is a complete line of engine management systems, that offers you an extremely reliable and user-friendly system at a very competitive price. It gives you the possibility to manage all (turbo + n/a) petrol engines up to 12 cylinders with options suchas 4m b datalogging, staged/banked injection, mapselector, odd firing, self-learning lambda control, boost control, variable launch control, Idle control, powershift, rpm limiters, engine diagnostics, shift-light, water injection, cooling fan, fuel pump, etc.

For more information, free software and prices:


KMS Management Systems

Spaarpot Oost 19, 5667 KT Geldrop, The Netherlands T. +31(0)402802629, F. +31 [0)402867765 E. info^van kranenburg.nl, www.van-kroncnburg.nl

XlMiS i

Kronenburg & Management Systems

Van Kronenburg Kms


Integrated video and dara toggcrN

Record perfecdy synchrortfsed Jala and video, me VTDCCM combnoi wre*n*d data wíin vídeo recordlng and «ores ie ¿ilf to a ingle mernory card The d&W can be owríaM onto Ihe frtorded video m eastfy interpretable graphácal tornwcs, atony wiih rnuluplc camera viewj to glw a more complete picturc.

• Compete video ano daca integración

• Compatible wiin all Race Technology producís

• User conflgurable real-ume data overlay

• "Sport' Aid Tfofasiorar ¡xcutjn

VIDE04 icftware

The VIDEOS Ii luppned with <* complete software package. Analyje The .rtjínmjticalíy synchronised data and vdro uwng our in-depw Analysis íofrAarr Study the video wnn the frame by frame control erf our optlmrtrd vweo f'lriytwck software tkjrn to a DVD with our 2 clkfc DVD bum program

Race Technology Ltd |UKi 01773 537620 (USj 804 358 7789 sa Içs^racoîcchnology, com www, race- technology, com


U^r ^H - i f DVD Bum I DL1 da to logger DASH 3 lite compact graphics display ^^^ J

• High accuracy GPS data logger wtth lapUnting divotay

• For race analysts using our powers analysis software

Data logging and display systems from :599+ VAT fDL! + DASH3lite)

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