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Mustang GT and I/E F150 and Truck Shelby GTSOO

Eric Holiday of JPC Racing cleans the Boss block's deck surface after the heads are removed. It is important to have a clean deck before installing new head gaskets and heads.

VMP Stock-look B.59 pulley add 3-41b&30-40HP

We offer Custom Dyno-Tuning at our Central Florida Facilty.


Deltona, Florida 321-B0G-9369

Our test 331ci engine uses a FRPP short-block with a Boss block, steel crank and rods, and forged pistons. The engine wore a set of aluminum 170cc heads, which are more suited to a smaller cubic inch engine.

07-ff ETSOO Tuning

07-11 ETSOO X3 Tuner 5449 dyno-proven 40-B0RWHP easily flash back to stock

2010-E011 Upgrade Package Pulley & Tuner $649 +60RWHP/+70RWT0

VMP Ultimate Pulley Tool «139

5CT X3 Tuner from $379

• Pre-loaded or with three custom tunes for your vehicle and your modifications.

• Warranty friendly

• Performance tunes

• Gas mileage tunes

E-Mail Tunes starting at $59

VMP can email custom tunes for your vehicle & mods if you already have an SCT tuner. We build our tunes baaed on extensive experience on our own dy no.


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