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With the '10 NMFIA points season coming to a close, we look forward to another amazing year in 2011. As we dive into the off-season, look for updates on new cars and new combinations for next season. With True Street averages dropping lower and lower into the 8-second zone,

« Benjamin Adams leads all 110 Tremec True Street cars out of Beech Bend Raceway in his '10 Shelby GT500.

Allen Hurley made the trip from Bristol, Tennessee, with his white and blue coupe. Hurley picked up his fifth True Street win in five outings for a perfect record. His crew works hard so the nitrous-fed 427ci bullet has no problem completing the cruise and three back-to-back passes. Hurley and his crew took the top spot with an 8.85-second average.


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we wonder who will be the first to break into the 7s. Rumors have already started about new True Street land missiles under construction for the Spring Break Shootout, and we are very excited to see who steps up for 2011.

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