1989-93 76mm MAF and Inlet Pipe Upgrade $229

2003-04 Mustang Cobra

"Tuner" MAF Housings lor High Horsepower Applications From $179 S359

Complete Air Intake Upgrade $:

2003-04 Muslang Mach 1 Complete Air Intake Upgrade

The Original! - Upper Intake Plenum lor 4.6L 2 V

From S119

NEW! C&L Performance S3JSIntSkeManifold

• Manifold runners don t "crossover" - more consistent runner shape

• Removes IMRC Plates

• Power gains on even slock engines. For vehicles equipped with heads and larger cams, gains ol up to 40 RWHP on naturally aspirated engines!

> Flows 325 to 332 CFM per runner!

> Flows more than enough air to support better heads, superchargers, turbo systems and stroker kits.

C&L Performance otters a lull line ol high performance induction products lor newer Ford vehicles Visit our website lor complete inlormation-


satiis'te mi**


Cylinder Heads

Available SOON!

Designed, Developed, and 100% Made in America - SOMNmO!

Coll May 256.882.6813

C&L Performance is THE #1 Source for Mass Air Power for All 1987-2011 Mustangs!!!

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