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Josh Cody, and I'm sending you some pictures, along with a description of the modifications done to my '90 Mustang LX.

Bennett Racing assembled this engine, starting out with a 302-based Dart Iron Eagle block. It's now 363 ci, with a Scat forged-steel crank, Scat H-beam rods, and Ross pistons. The motor is internally balanced and has a custom-grind Comp Cam from Bennett Racing. The main and rod bearings are coated; an ATI Super Damper balancer, ARP head studs, Ford Racing double-roller timing chain, high-volume oil pump, Cometic head gaskets, Canton oil pan, HellFire rings, CV Vs-inch pushrods, TFS Vs-inch guideplates, and Isky bear-ingless roller lifters finish off the short-block.

The heads are Trick Flow Twisted Wedge castings, which have also been CNC-ported by Bennett Racing. It also has Comp Cams rocker arms, 1.7 on the intake and 1.6 on the exhaust side. The carburetor is a PRC 830-cfm fed by a Magnafuel ProStar 500 fuel pump with the built-in filter. It has a Super Victor intake that was port-matched to the heads by Bennett Racing.

Bennett Racing also sent the intake to Speedtech, which plumbed two direct port foggers. One fogger system is a soft-line kit, and the other one is a standard hard-line kit adjustable to 500 hp. I also have a Digi-set timer for the nitrous so if I'm at a track that is slick and not hooking, I can bring the nitrous in further down the track. It has a three-stage retard for the nitrous systems, along with an MSD-6AL box with a two-step.

It has a set of Kooks 1%-inch headers with Bassani X-style midpipe and Magnaflow mufflers with 3-inch turndowns. The transmission is a Performance Automatic C4 with a PTC 10-inch torque converter and a trans brake. The shifter is a TCI Outlaw with pistol-grip handle. It also has a Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft and a set of custom-made subframe connectors.

The rearend is an 8.8-inch with 31-spline Moser axles, Moser spool, Moser 3:73 gears, C-clip elimina

tors, and a Trick Flow rear-end support cover. Also in the rear is a Wolfe Racecraft antiroll bar, Wolfe Racecraft double-adjustable upper control arms with spherical bushings, and Wolfe Racecraft single-adjustable lower control arms. It also has a QA1 tubular K-member, and the front also has Lakewood 90/10 struts with Eibach drag launch springs.

The car has been minitubbed and the rearend shortened 1.5 inches on each side. It has an eight-point chromoly rollcage and an aftermarket Aeromotive fuel tank with a sump in it.

It has 15x10 Weld Draglites on the back with 28x10.5-inch Mickey Thompson slicks, and 15X3.5-inch Weld Draglites in the front with 165/80 Kumho tires.

The car has run a best of 5.86 at 119.85 mph in the eighth-mile %%%

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