Pushrod Long Blocks

All long blocks include the above short block, plus gaskets kit,AFR cylinder heads, COMP rockers, pushrods, camshaft, ford racing lifters, timing chain, Melling premium oil pump, ARP head bolts. No oil pan, intake, flywheel, balancer, timing chain cover and valve covers included. Please specify for turbo, s/c, or Nitrous or N/A.

331/347 AFR 185 n/a- 400-435hp $5699

**rated to max 650 rwhp add $250 for sfi balancer add $250 for aluminum sfi flywheel add $125 for timing new timing chain cover add $275 for main girdle

(Includes- If necessary machnlng and labor)

add $175 for cometic mis head gaskets

(a must for power adders)

call for oil pan, intake, valve covers pricing

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