Mustang Exhaust

• 8", 8.8", 9" Helical Limited Slip differential

• Perfect for any street, race, and off road application

• low maintenece and virtually bullet proof design

• Lifetime warranty

The ARP studs, which we picked up from Summit Racing, were screwed into the block. The Boss block requires a specific set of studs, so be careful not to reuse a set from a different engine block.

Holiday installed a checker spring on the head, inserted a pushrod, and bolted down a rocker arm in order to check piston-to-valve clearance. The heads feature 2.08-inch intake valves, and Burcham and Holiday checked to make sure the larger valves cleared the piston valve reliefs.

"In most cases, the valves and springs included are adequate for the intended use, but there are exceptions to the rule. If you have an aggressive camshaft profile, or a larger camshaft than what the valvesprings are rated, a spring/retainer change will be necessary," said Burcham. He says these heads have a heavier spring due to the boost and 6,500- to 7,000-rpm capabilities of the engine.

and properly sized exhaust system) should generally require a 170-200cc runner for 289-347 ci and 195-225cc for 347-440 ci, according to Neugent. "Of course, there is a gray area, so to speak," he added. Those gray areas include high-rpm applications that require a larger intake port to feed the engine, which usually comes with the sacrifice of low-end torque. Supercharged combos can also benefit

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