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front and 315/30R18s out back. Check out the website at for more info on the specific suspension components.

Although a list of parts like this can be overwhelming, it isn't hard to wrap your head around how well this car performs. Now before you get the idea that this is some special Mustang that cannot be reproduced, these are all off-the-shelf parts aside from the body kit. Brown can also custom tailor and build a CSR/ GT-4 package to your specifications, or you can buy the parts and do it yourself.

"It's not about the parts," Brown exclaimed. "It's about the experience! We take the drama out of driving a Mustang." We wanted a chance to experience the CSR-69 for ourselves so we made the trip to Virginia International Raceway in May of 2009 to get behind the wheel (Years of Experience, Nov. '09).

Getting behind the wheel of someone else's car can be stressful. Add the fact that said car has a one-of-one body kit, and it's very easy to let your nerves get the best of you. Fortunately, Brown's CSR-G9 is the most amazing car I've driven.

When we first headed out on track, we took it easy to bring the tires up to temperature. After a few laps, we began to pick up speed and the car never faltered. Transitions from throttle to brake and back to throttle were amazingly smooth and never seemed to upset the car.

One of the most impressive aspects of the CSR-B9 is its braking capability. The Brembo binder performed flawlessly, even after over an hour on track, and as I learned the proper way to set the car going into a corner, I was able to go deeper and faster into each turn as I became more comfortable behind the wheel.

Tip-in throttle response from the naturally aspirated Three-Valve made accelerating off the corners one of the most exciting aspects of driving the car. The blend of amazing mechanical grip coupled with the Pirelli R-compound tires inspired levels of confidence I didn't know I had. By the middle of the weekend, I was outrunning the majority of the ZOG Corvettes in attendance.

The CSR-69's near-full interior, comfortable seats, and familiar appointments remind you that this isn't a racecar. Its surefooted-ness on track leaves you feeling incredibly connected to not only the road, but also the car itself. The car reacts instantly to steering, throttle, and brake inputs, and at no point do you feel even the slightest loss of controL Still not convinced? What if I told you the car was in full street trim?

"The Club Sport Racer is a great track day car," Kenny tells us. "We designed it so you can drive it to the track, race it, and drive it home. The CSR-S9 wears GT-4 badges. GT-4 is the European FIA designation and the class is production-based cars with OE suspension architecture."

With this level of handling, grip, and power, it's no surprise the CSR-B9 is equally dominant on the street and the track. W\

Pirelli R-compound tires inspired levels of confidence I didn't know I had. J J


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3rd Annual Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals

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