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5 07-09 Side Exhaust Kit ■ Cat-Back stainless sleel 2 5" manderet bent side exhaust system stainless sleel mufflers and polished cast 5 aluminum exhaust tips, skirts and rear valance (Patent Pending).

Part«8036-A2 $1,339

All hoods shipped freight collect Painted or altered — Parts are non-refundable Certificates Lift-off hoods are made to order, and non-refundable. All shipping charges are Available! non-refundable All prices subject to change.

07-09 Upper Billet Grille - Part tt 7080-A2 starting at $119

07-09 Lower Billet Grille-Partit 7081-A2 $99

Billet Grilles are Available in Black or Brushed Finish.

07-09 82 Own Spoiler -Partit 4369-A2 $219

Drder Online at

We Security Check ALL Credit Card Orders

See our website for detailed descriptions & images of our product line!

The Difference is the Fit

The Difference is the Fit

Proudly Made In the USA!

All Hoods are Available Painted Starting al S349

99-04 10 Piece Stalker Kit - Part # 9003-A2. 99-04 Ram Air Type il Hood - Part # 149-A2. 99-04 Front Bumper - Part # 3355-A2

99-04 Styling Bar - Part # 7010-A2. 99-04 Side Scoops -Part # 4358-A2. 99-04 Side Skirts - Part # 4357-A2

94-04 2 Piece Speedster Cover - Part # 4000-A2.

99-04 Heat Extractor Hood Part # 1158-A2 . $559 94-98 Heat Extractor Hood Part* 1159-A2 $559

Jt Installs to under ' sideofCervini's 4Ti m Ram Ar Hood.

W5\ '•D^T ' J Increases 1/4 mle ^^J ^^ perfermanoe,

3 seconds

99-04 Cobra R Hood ■ Part # 153-A2 99-04 Billet Grille - Part # 7072-A2

99-04 Cobra R Hood Part # 154-A2 99-04 Cobra R Bumper Part # 3362-A2

94-9« 10 Piece Stalker Kit- Part #9010-A2 S2,059

94-98 Ram Air Hood Pat#111-A2 ¿495

94-98 Front Bumper- Part # 3339-A2 S495

94-98 Styling Bar-Part if 7005-A2 $449

94-98 2-Pc Speedster Covers -Part#4000-A2 $479

94-98 Stalker Wing for GT- Part # 207-A2.

94-98 Cowl Hood - Part # 116-A2 $495 94-98 Cobra R Hood Part ft 156-A2 S495

94-98 Stalker It Bumper - Part # 328-A2 $495 94-98 Cobra R Bumper Part#3341-A2 S495

87-93/1.5" RAM AIR HOOD

87-93 RAM AIR KIT-Part ff 8006-A2

94-98 Cobra R Hood ■ Part # 117-A2 $495 87-93 COBRA R HOOD - Part # 136-A2 $495

87-93 / 2.5" COWL HOOD Part # 105-A2 (83-86 Part #106-A2).

87-93/4"COWL HOOD- Part#121-A2. .$495 83-86/Part #122-A2

87-93 STALKER FRONT BUMPER Fits GT Includes mnning horse emblem ,. Part # 3334-A2 $525


This 9-piece Stalker / Cobra GT kit Includes: Stalker front bumper. Cobra front fender extentions.Cobra side-skirts. Cobra rear bumper and Cobra w/ng.


87-93 5-1/2"UFT-OFFCOWL HOOD Part» 135LO-A2 ... .$359

79-93 COBRA WING - Part ff 206-A2.

87-90 LX 4 Piece Kit - Part ft 9013-A2.. 91-93 LX 4 Piece Kit - Part ft 9014-A2.. 85-93 LX Side Skirts - Part # 4300-A2.

87-93 GT 9 PC CONVERSION KIT Pari # 9011 ■-A2 79-93 COBRA WING HATCHBACK Part # 206-A2 79-93 COBRA WING COUPE/CONVPart # 211-A2 79-93 COBRA INSERT Part #4315- A2 87-93 COBRA SIDE-SKIRTS Part # 4335-A2 87-93 COBRA REAR BUMPER Part ff 3336-A2 . 91-93 COBRA FRONT FENDER EXT Pa rt ff 4331 ■- A2 87-90 COBRA FRONT FENDER EXT Par1#4332-A2.

97-03 F-150 COBRA R HOOD - Part »1157-A2. 97-03 Ft 50 COBRA R BUMPER - Part ft 3342-A2.

FOG UGHTS - Part ff 7015A2


87-90 LX Air Dam - Part # 4323-A2. 91-93 LXAir Dam ■ Part ff 4324-A2.

3656 N. Mill Rd., Vineland, NJ 08360 hü-« We Security Check ALL Credit Card Orders >M Proudly made in the U.S.A. WH/W/.CGrViniS.COm All hocasshlpped freight collect Painted or altered Parts are non-refundable. Lift-off hoods are made to order, and non-refundable. AH shipping charges are non-refundable. All prices subject to change

Ram Air Hoods Include Air-Duct Screens!


ssssfe? i



and Shelby GT500s.

When Thomas H. Raher saw the new Mustang in late 2004, he knew it was for him. "When I was looking for a new vehicle in August 2004,1 realized the body of the Mustang was changing. I decided to wait and order my Mustang the way I wanted it," said Tom. So he ordered a GT convertible in Legend Lime on January 18,2005.

Then, on March 12,2005, Tom made the trip from his home in Tustin, California to Friendly Ford in Las Vegas to pick up his new ride. "This Stang was one of the first of only

With its retro appearance, aggressive body lines, and affordable price, it transformed the ponycar market. Since then, both Chrysler and Chevrolet have followed suit. Heck, even Mercedes-Benz is releasing a retro SLS Gull-wing, reminiscent of its 300SL of the '50s.

In addition to its game-changing design, the ('05-'0G) Mustang was also available in Legend Lime. Lime Gold, as it was called for '67-'69 models, was a factory color on Mustangs and some other Ford products, and Legend Lime was a newer take on that same classic color, once popular on Mustangs



ESaSf 100%


C^iMiLDpQni rrtf rir-,1 m St/tit/>*'iics mORMAHEi


That's our target, too.

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