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As you follow the ins and out of a race series, be it at the track, on TV, or in the pages of your favorite magazine (Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, cough cough, wink wink), you begin to get to know the racers, and they become more than just eyes through a helmet.

Dne guy we've come to know well is Reggie Burnette Jr., driver of this silver, green, and red '□□ GT. Reggie has become one of the more recognizable racers in the Exedy Racing Clutch Modular Muscle class of NMRA competition. (It's hard to miss the flash of color, even as it passes you at almost 130 mph). His racing accomplishments and approach-

ability in the pits make him a star, on and off the track.

Reggie Jr. hails from Rougemont, North Carolina, and has been racing for much of his life. "My dad (Reggie Burnette Sr.) raced when I was younger," Reggie tells us. "He blew up the motor in his '98 Mustang after only about 5,000 miles, and that's when he started racing it."

Reggie picked up this (then) silver '00 GT when he was 1G from the local Ford dealer, and it wasn't long before he was at the track. "I started racing the car in March of 2001," Reggie adds. "1 thought, It can't be that hard

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