Air System S359 "No-Tune" ...$379 With Tuner $699 2005-09 GT Air System ...S369

"No-Tune" S369

With Tuner $729 Call for Details!

No Tuning Required! Air Intake System ■ 5.0L V8 GT ...$379 Air Intake System - 5.0L V8 GT ■ Tune Required ...$359 Air Intake System - 3.7L V6 ...$299

For over 18 years, C&L Performance has been the Industry Leader in Mass Air Horsepower, with Improvements for most 1987-2011 Mustangs Call Today and add some "Awesome Power" ^ "to Your Mustang!

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2007+ GTSOO!

Air Induction

System $399

Wl Predator Tuner -Stg 1-70+ RWHP

Gain! $749

Stg 2 - Wi Tuner. Pulley and Idler 105+ RWHP...$1149

"Racer" Intake

"No Compromises " Design ■ Reguires Tuning.

Intake Assembly

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