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Revving Higher

I have a '92 5.0-liter LX with a five-speed. I have purchased a new FRPP crate motor, and the car is set up to run the 150-mph Club at Bonneville, along with seeing street duty. It has the stock computer, which I want to retain. How can I move the rev limiter higher?

Lenny Sperry Salt Lake City, UT

Lenny, the '92 5.0L's EEC IV is set to 6,250 rpm. You have some choices to increase the rev limit. The Ford Racing RPM Extender can change the rev limit and adjust the air/fuel ratio. It has been discontinued but is still available from some retailers—Northcoast Mustangs seems to have it (www. northcoast Anderson Ford Motorsport PMS by EFI Systems is a complete stand-alone system with keypad—no laptop is needed. Your last choice would be to add a Power Module from Hypertech. You can contact the company and it can set the rpm limit to your choice.

Targa Top

I have been looking to purchase the Targa top conversion kit for my Mustang. I recently saw it in your magazine on an '04 Mustang. Is there anyone out there still selling it? JMS Products does not sell it anymore. Please help! Thank you.


Jonesboro, GA

Mikel, unfortunately there are no aftermarket suppliers for Targa Top-type conversion kits for Mustangs. JMS was selling them, as you know, but they are no longer available. Your only option is to have it custom-designed for your Mustang, which can be rather expensive.

Hitting the Throttle

In "Loading the Bullitt" (Feb. '09), you mention that swapping the Bullitt manifold requires a new throttle cable since the transmission was an automatic, and automatics have the kickdown cable. Well, I'm doing a similar

Power and Sound

Could you tell me what is the best muffler for my '02 Mustang GT? I am leaning towards Flowmaster 40 Series. Will this give me that deep Mustang growl?


Kennesaw, GA

Greg, the best muffler for your '02 GT comes down to what you like. There are so many companies that offer quality mufflers for your GT, it would be hard to just say one is the best. The Flowmaster 40 Series is a great choice and does have the classic Mustang growl to it. It is priced well and will last, along with giving your Pony a few extra horsepower. If that's what you're leaning towards, I would definitely recommend them.

Supercharging can give you sale and reliable power. ||

swap—swapping the new Trick Flow Specialties manifold with the oval throttle-body entry. I already have the Bullitt cruise control cable and the bracket. All I need is the throttle cable, but they are now discontinued from Ford, so I need a custom one. (The '96-'98 Cobra cable works too, but they are also discontinued). I read that you got a custom cable from Lokar through the Summit Racing catalog. How do I go about doing that? I need the specs for the cable so I can give them to Lokar.


Pacoima, CA

Adrian, you can use your existing throttle cable by modifying the throttle bracket. You can also get the throttle cable from a '99-'01 Cobra. The Lokar cable is for the automatic transmission kick down, which isn't needed if you're running a five-speed. Latemodel Restoration Supply (www.latemodel carries the throttle cable you need.

Finding Power

I have a '96 Mystic Cobra and I'm considering some performance modifications. It currently has Steeda suspension, a C&L CAI, an Accufab single-blade throttle body, a Zex lOOhp dry nitrous kit, adjustable Tokiko shocks, a Pro 5.0 shifter, 3.73 gears, and Magnaflow mufflers with a BBK off-road X-style midpipe. Is there anything else I can do without ripping apart the engine?

Also, I am thinking about installing a supercharger. I was told that all of the Cobras had forged crankshafts. Would I need all forged internals to handle a supercharger? What type of supercharger would be the best to go with? I want 500 rwhp, but I want to be able to drive to and from work on a daily basis.

Also, do you know where I can get the paint for that car? There are a couple of spots on the hood, roof, and trunk lid that have some paint/clearcoat damage.

Chuck Novak Mokena, IL

Chuck, you just about covered everything as far as bolt-ons go. The best way to get to 500 rwhp is what you suggest. Supercharging can give you safe and reliable power as long as you don't go beyond the recommended boost from the manufacture. The '96 Cobra engine can handle the increased power, and you are correct about your Cobra using a forged crankshaft.

Kenne Bell and Vortech have superchargers for your application. Kenne Bell's system can boost power to over 470 hp, while Vortech can give your over 480 hp. Check out the Jan. '10 issue of MM&FF— Steve Baur did a tech article on a Vortech in a '96 Cobra.

As far as paint goes, the color of your Cobra is rare and expensive, but any good paint suppler can get that color for you. Wi

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