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Razor Burn: A super original find in France J ■

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Time lor inspection

Black to the future

Picture the scene: It's a Friday evening in midsummer and according to the weather forecast it's going to be sunny ail weekend. It'd be great to be able to make the decision there and then to head off for the weekend, wouldn't it? Well, if you owned a 1966 Split Window Bus like this you could go any time you want because, thanks to some clever thinking, you can sleep four in comfort inside, even though it's a tin-top! But then that was always the plan for owners are Sean Pumfrett and his wife Sam, from Halstead in Essex. Sam learned to drive in her parents' old VW Camper and Sean's father has owned a 1953 Oval Window Beetle and an original fire truck that we featured back in May 2008.

So now you know the family backgrounds, it's time to get to know the newest member of the fleet. Purchased in 2008, this Split was brought to Sean's attention by his friend, who had repainted it a number of years earlier. Since that revamp the Bus was owned by a company called Eat Natural for use as a rolling billboard. It had stripped out the interior as it would trailer the Van to shows and simply put a patio table and beach chairs inside at each event attended. The Bus came up for sale when the company changed its marketing focus but it was not in an appealing state. It had an awful headliner, office carpet, spotlights in the roof and 240v sockets in the rear panels, but on the upside the paint was still in great condition and it had a genuine set of Porsche wheels fitted. But mechanically it was kippered to say the least. The engine was about to cough for the last time, it had mismatched drums on the rear, no front brakes and the front beam had had some work done but not to a high standard. I asked Sean why, when he already had a Westfalia, he bought the Split. "It came at the right time as we were thinking of buying a Split Screen," he said. "I went and had a look, checked it over and was taken by the gloss black and the lack of bling. Plain and simple is the way for us. I don't think I would've chosen black if I was to have it painted, but there was something about It that said 'buy me', so I did - after checking with Sam first, of course."

Having previously had their Westy in the capable hands of Paul Medhurst and his team at T2D, Sean and Sam commissioned the team to get the Bus ready for the road. The '66 spent about eight weeks at the T2D workshops and in that time they sorted the small areas of rust, such as the lower front valance, before the paint was mopped to bring the shine back.

No Bus leaves Paul's workshop without having a suspension makeover and Sean's Split was no exception. Adjustable spring plates can now be found at the rear, while up front the dodgy front beam was binned

8 MAY 2010 volksworld.com

www.journal-plaza.net & www.

and replaced with a four-inch narrowed beam with T2D dropped spindles and coilovers. The rear drums are no longer mismatched; there are Beetle drums with Porsche-pattern while the front brakes are Porsche 944 items - another T2D speciality. New copper brake lines and a dual circuit system ensure Sean can drop anchor in confidence, especially with new tyres wrapping around the 15-inch Fuchs rims - 165/50 up front and 185/65 at the other end.

Every Bus owner has to add something special to make their VW a little more personal and unique and with this one, it's the interior. If we go back to the start of this feature, when I mentioned the Friday evening scenario, where the plan was to get the flock out of town and set up for the night with ease, that was the thinking behind the interior design here. The bulkhead had been removed prior to the original restoration, so not wishing to have to weld in new ones and repaint, Sean put his thinking hat on and came up with the idea of using a Westy flip-seat. After a long time searching he located one and using another Westy driver's seat he replaced most of the rusty springs before blasting

► When it's time for some shut-eye the interior converts into an adult double and a kid-sized double bed over the engine

▼ With a family of four, storage is a must - fortunately, the '66 has plenty thanks to its cool drawers, accessible from both sides!

a What's black | and whitarfl and red all over? Sean Pumfrett's | '66 Bus, of B course! I

The interior in chill-out lounge mode -plenty of space for family and friends volksworld.com

Rest easy this Bus but rather than welding one in from a donor vehicle, a Westfalia Hip-seat' was fitted. The backrest can be flipped forward so the front bench can be used as a rear-facing bench. The pic below shows the extended shelf bed.

and powdercoating the complete frame. With the front seat sourced the bespoke interior needed to be designed and built and as Simon from Interior Motive is a personal friend and excellent at what he does, he was the logical choice.


"Simon is always up for a challenge and will give loads of advice and spend quality time to get the finished article spot on," says Sean.

Sean met with Simon and Andy to discuss his plan for a simple and plain but functional Bus. In the 10 weeks the Bus was at Interior Motive, the duo made custom bench seats in the rear, facing each other, plus a custom-made double-decker bed. The top bed pulls out from the engine bay and the middle bed is made up using wooden panels from the moveable bench seat. Moveable bench? Yes, the rear-facing bench seat is held in place with toggle bolts but once parked up this can be moved to the nearside wall, which allows the front seat to be flipped around to create the perfect U-shaped chill-out rone. It's Cafe del Mar on wheels! There is hardboard flooring in the back with black carpet under the driver and passenger's feet. VW Curtains supplied the curtains, which match the decor perfectly.

Once Simon and Andy were happy that a family of four

"Ho Bus leaves T2D's workshop without a suspension makeover"

could comfortably sleep in the Split with ease - and yes, the plan was to have it so the family could hit a campsite late on a Friday evening and not have to worry about setting tents up for the kids, which is usually the norm in a tin-top Camper -Joe (8) and HarTy (10) have the double bed over the engine while Mum and Dad sleep on the double bed in the centre of the cabin. Obviously the Pumfrett clan were not going to sleep on bare wood, so they called in the services of Ian at PM Taylor's, right beside T2D. Ian did a great job of covering the seats firstly with four-inch foam, then the same luxurious vinyl used in vintage Jaguars. The red chosen is enough to break up the black without screaming at you when you step inside. In the front, standard cards are used but were custom covered by Ian, while the rear cards were custom-made by Simon at Interior Motive from veneered wood, which was then lacquered.

The dash is as it was in 1966, with the exception of matching VDO oil and fuel gauges. Behind many of the cushions you will find lots of drawers and cubbyholes for storage, which helps keep to the dean and simple design. There is also hidden cabling and a mounting board behind the headliner, in readiness for a TV.

Sean would like everyone to know that Paul Medhurst was so impressed with the flip-seat that he installed one in his TV Bus, and here's the most important bit - after he saw it in this Bus. But he isn't charging Paul for the idea! VW

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