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Standard Chrome Configuration Chrome Spoke Inserts & Black Shooz Available

This month's Raza Report segment in the August Lowrider issue takes us through a pilgrimage that journeys its way up an old footpath worn in the soil for decades by millions of feet; a path that would still be visible, if not for the paved road it sits on today. This road stretches for hundreds of miles to the destination that is "El Santuario De Chimayo". It's a small adobe church in the northern part of New Mexico that is frequently visited by tens of thousands in prayer each year. The Holy place was built on sacred grounds where a Crucifix was once buried. The first worshipers to have visited the area were Native Americans, Spaniards, and Mexicans, and now there are worshipers visiting from all nations. These visitors are greeted by works of Hispanic art and several Santos and religious Frescoes as well. This church is believed to have spiritual and physical healing powers, which are sought after by the many religious believers who make this pilgrimage in the hope of curing what ails them. There are many legends of "miracle healings" happening here, and crutches can be seen hanging from the walls in and around the church as evidence. Patronage of "El Santuario De Chimayo" has become tradition for Lowriders as well, as constant caravans come from all around to visit this sacred ground. The dedication to their Faith cannot be questioned, as they sometimes ride through the snow to be there for Good Friday, and to visit this Shrine and receive blessings. There are times in life when we ask God for things and the answers aren't what we would like to expect, but they are usually what we need.

The Mexico of Old, is remembered succinctly by Vicente Fernandez. His repertoire is pure Ranchera, as he romanticizes audiences of all ages with the timeless music that represented the way of life in Mexico's historic rural ranches, revolutions, and philandering caballeros. For 35 years, this Mexican singer, actor, and producer also known to his fans as "Chente," has constantly filled stadiums and venues. He is able to melt all women, and destroy some men with moving ballads such as

"Por Tu Maldito Amor." Pay a visit to our music section as we honor this Mexican cultural icon, who began his career by singing for tips on the streets, and has now sold over 50 million records worldwide.

The paramount list of men who were inducted into this up coming Hall of Fame class of 2010 will be as follows: The Craftsmanship Honor goes out to Andy Douglas, also known as the owner of Andy's Hydraulics of San Jose, CA. The Leadership Honor category will be awarded to "Crazy" George Luna, from the Viejitos Car Club. This year's Memorial Honor respectfully goes out to "Big Rich" Gonzalez and the Majestics Car Club. Lifetime Honor recipient for this year will be Ralph Fuentes, car club leader, car builder, and past editor of Lowrider Magazine. Alberto Lopez will receive the Visionary Award for his revival of Lowrider Magazine, and for taking the Lowrider movement to worldwide commercialization. Also, the Hall of Fame Committee will induct iconic Lowriders for the first time this year. Influential Lowrider vehicles from the past will be recognized as "Masterpieces." These legendary cars are known to all, like the '77 Grand Prix "Entertainer," "Brandy Madness," the '78 Cadillac from The Klique Car Club, and "Raw Deal," the mini truck that started it all with the car show competition revolution. Their owners will receive recognition and awards during this special celebration, which is set to take place September 11th at the Long Beach Hilton Hotel. Please make plans soon, as this year's HOF lineup is sure to be a sold out event!

"Into each life, a little rain must fall," and this quote also applied to this year's Lowrider tour stop in Arizona! The 100% chance of rain predicted by the blonde weather reporter, didn't stop the 700 hundred wet cars on display, nor the 8000 wet ticket holders, who came out to support the show. The quality and quantity of cars were even better than last year's event; check and see for your self.

Back in the days, when the '73 through '77 models of Monte Carlo came out, they were like a dime a dozen out there on the boulevard. I mean everyone owned one. Now? It's a shame that no one sees or recognizes the dynamic sporty- luxury style that^ these amazing cars have. Hopefully, you will become a "fiend" thanks to the Monte Carlo front cover car owned by the Stylistics' Alex Garza.

Where would San Jose be without the newly acclaimed Hall of Fame Craftsmanship Honoree Andy Douglas? Andy's Hydraulics and the New Style Car Club are both well represented and respected in our special feature. In our Lowrider "Image" department, we pay respects to Conrad Garcia from Classic Memories, and the museum-quality collection of cars he has exhibited in his shop. In this month's bicycle feature, we visit an old classic Schwinn Bike shop, known as Dennison's. This story brings back the good 'ol days, when all we had to do was homework and work around the yard so that 'Pops would take us down to the local Bike shop to buy us a bike for Christmas. Those responsibilities also helped us to get some parts to make our bikes look cooler! Sad to say, but long gone are the innocent days of youth.

Hey Groupe, Imperials, Dukes, Together, Techniques, Majestics, Klique, Old Memories, LifeStyle , New Style, Amigos, Viejitos, Oldies, Low Conspiracy, Society okay, I better stop here before I run out of room and I don't mean any disrespect to any clubs I've missed - but in brief, I would like to ask all the car clubs who have been around for more than 30 years for a huge favor. Please submit your classic pictures for Lowrider Retro! Bunny-ear antennas, show pipes, old club photos, dances, famous cruising spots, anniversaries, wedding processions, wrought iron grills, and car shows, we want it all so that we can pay tribute to some of Lowrider history and teach the younger generation a thing or two about where their designs come from! .

Please email your photos to

[email protected]

Thank you.

Until the next trip!

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