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Yash Rjrbore. farm Shirma andVikram. who managed M biave our the weather eondirisns mi 30ugh reads dcspiie his in]-rv during ■his lead irip tfcjt starred at Delhi to Leh I ad.lal vu MmjIi on bike*. The}- managed 10 covet nearly km in eight days and on rhnr trip rhry h»d the opportunity to ocpericniT a ride rhtought fhc Icgendirt Rob rang Pjsi jmd also the \Vnr!d'> Second Highest Pass, the Tinman: La.

BiW buJdufs (rgsn Ppi*. Amcl Ka.i ikji. Abhilash ^^r sangamand Vianesh r

Chandiashekhar i<t oui 10 ceîebrare rhe anser of rhe sionsoerj v irli a ride to Goa fiom l'une. Encuimieting deuds anJ foy ai the Amboli gha' nf.ii Koihaput, t)v rrio asiidr [heu Yamaha Jùs, Pulsar ue and Putai 100 lud a Mat- of a ride lh»y «vtn managediocharir a gierr rrpe snake on rhe way' AU m ail i firrtasfic nde that ntadc îuie thrv eniwed ihe uejîhï:. ihe arhenruii and the tompanv of feltaw bikpr brpthçr*


P^bi-îbod le ins prcpnoiO'B, 9enn«n, Cofcman 4 Company UO- ty fl V»nkaia Ketavan # Th« Tlrrure of roia Bu*o«ig > C N. Read, Mutcj1 400 001 Bnd printed by Nit ai Th« Times ol ipia Subsftan P'«h , Aiturii fkati. Wwfcrn Eipusa Hflh«ray Kandl»l> (E). Mumbal «0 1t}i T»t Ho, (032) 6635 3535 Eral - «HorfliigwhMH com, F», |022> 2273 1520 Edita: Mr Adl Jal Darukhirwsa (ftaapm<feta far 8«l»clon ol nava uiç» PrlB A£1|. BÉjyçfluOOfl >"• «ho* <>' 1 fart -•- r e jt in* wnirsn «rmiseicn 0' the P'u0>i5h*r « pronibiSW


This photo was taken on 3 i<\jd rrip Ci Delhi-Naikanda in Himaeha! be

Momurai. Traversing through the soecaeulai tetuin these guy« aimed at :he H.itu Peat «tiich is about 8- km from Naikanda in r'nen Hyundai Accent. ITie road tc Hatu Peak is immensely teenie being surrounded by pines and spiuoe rrrcs. Ip, the photo Vrwk, Sadiploand Piiro-a m pesing j: H am Ptjk an J adding 10 the beautiful vis» was the clem air and a minntag sunset1


Mohlr Paul and his three friends, Rahul, Saurabh and Sonu coraed ys km on ihertnp which oarttd ftom Ghat tabid and took

I hem to \T»liNagar- Mecrui-Mjwanj-Blinoj-\aitbabjii- Kcedwai and finally to Lsnsdowfw. Th<nr laahiuJI nssds on thb icurnsy were the Bajaj Pulsar :9cet and the Yamahi FZlfi. On a steady par in! has and Ixssi, :h*w guys toughed rr sui on the chall<rr>|jinj twain to iicape |hf hecric cirj' life and the result was.»fresh air and sheer nlrs'aisa!

1U.Y2C'0 iv.vw .T:gwnee scorn


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Look out Honda!

Nikliil L padhyava. via Email

Firstly, 1 must congratulate ZigWheeli far aU rlir great rounds-ifp of the latest happenings in the auto world - You guys do a great jrh ! am an :irdem reader lollowtr ot Z ig Wheels and am a 11 'J GE ian ofVW replacing Z with V !

I follow as well as Concur with your views and strongly feel that with the advent of the Yento. "the Gty could be under Siege' Hcnda has long ruled this entrv level luxury segment cashing in cm the inexplicable obsession with the 'H'

badge. 1 don't know why people associate quality, respect and style railv with Honda. Don't get me wrong, 1 londa is a great company and I know somebody who was once told that At Honda, nothing goes wrong! All 1 am saying is thai the market has definitely stirred up with VW showing up In India and also making its presence feh strongly by riding on the Pole, Moreover, Indians are now steadily bul unquestionably becoming fully awjTe of rhe power and pertnrmanre of rhe VW badge, so th.ngs are going la change.

Now coming back to tnv case -1 used to drive the VW Golf i.gTDt Mac IV in UK lor almost three and half ywr* and limply fell in lovt with the Volkswagen cats After returning to India it his been difficult for me to buy a car simply because I did not like anything illji did not come close to the build qualitv of VW in the car segment I was looking.

1 am new eagerly waiting for the VW Yenro t.tS L Petrol. Do you have any inside news of »;-hen it is likely to hit the ihowiooim and more importandy what would be rhe ex-showroom price range:1 I would really appreciate your suggestions.

ZW: Tnanfti a lot jot appreciating our magsriitr so much! Whether the VW Vrtlo nudgei the Honda Gty market ttitn* is JOmtftmng orf cut only find cut after u hit Uvn ldi<Fii"Jwcf. VHr wo are eagerlyi awaiting the VVttfo- uid tee expect iter car it> bi available onroad before the end oi :aro,

Servicing woes

Pankaj Hassijah via Email

I recently bought ihe ZigWheels (June joio' ¿sine- lot the first nme. had ra really search lor it as apparently this particular magazine is not easily available at book stores. Anyways awesome is the only word «hat 1 can say aboui the issue. The content, paper quality, she seems almost like reading a daily newspaper) and also rhe price of rhe mag was absolutely great.

In an anicle in rhe same magazine ii has been mentioned that the Overall fuel efficiency of Maruti Suzuki Kit; diesel is n/ikmpl and Ford Figo is 1.4 Duratorq 14-jkmpl. which dotsn 1 seem that believable on a personal level.

I own a Figo diesel and my friend has a Kit: diesel. One thing is for sure that in the Selected car- Rita is the most fuel efficient car Though I am very happy with the overall buying experience and owing a Ffgo bur it is the Rit: which trumps the entire group in fuel efficiency and service. Also other points to be noted which is nowhere mentioned is the sen-icing and service intervals el the diesel cars. You see the Rii: and Fige need to be serviced alter every 5000 km mark, however, the same service interval for the Fiat Grande Punto is 13,00c km You might feel that J have written a bit lengthy mail, but 1 thought of giving my two cents to enhance the content of magazine only because 1 liked its overall feel. Anyways, keep up the good work and ail the best for the furure.

£W.- U'c appreciate that you t-iiiiiy and ¡¿lieu: our marine ro ¡111'; en extent Fuel efficiency figures of any ear tends to vary bawd an tevensl external parameters such as ro id and traffic conditions, hozeever, yen must also absent that this difference in valors is not that: significant. Servicing intermit are deiigutd by manufacturers and ta maintain your car -¿ell, ii 1 best that their guutiines are fettemxd.

More Bike Comparos l.ekh j P.itluk. Bangalore

1 must iiret start off by mentioning how much J enjoy leading your magazine. The photos and the images I hat arc incorporated in ihe ZigWheels magazine are absolutely stunning ! am very much into bikes and even though I am a woman 1 am an ardent follower of all rhe bike reviews and features that are put fonh by the ZigWheels team both in your magarine as well as on 1igwheel5.com. The car cornporo» are absolutely brilliant and me and my husband absolutely love reading them. However, I feel that vou guys should also work out a few bike comparos. I think it will be a real hit -.f you guys come up with a comparision between scooters that are used snd prelered by women, such as the Honda Acrfvi. TVS Scooty, Suauki Access- or ihe new range of Mahindra scooters. It is very hard to choose out of the wide range of bikes available in the Indian market. Most of us cannot faihom the intricacies that need to be kept in mind while selecting j simple thing such as a scoocer Other than that, your magaiint rocks! I hope you really consider my suggestion.

EW.- VtV are kixiMttd that you and your hujhfnd tnfreading fur mirgucijif much. Your suggestion it one of the most practical onet tee have had, Vein can sttrefy expect rticft a xwttrette ccmparc preny won from ui.

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