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This online course teaches you more than anything you will ever learn about real estate Brought to you by master real estate guru Austin Davis. Austin has created a system to help you learn everything that you need to know about buying and selling real estate. A few years ago it was not a good time to let too many people in on the secrets of truly mastering real estate, but in today's economy this is the best time in history to be getting a whole lot done in the real estate market. This system has been carefully used and tested by Austin's private clients, and now it is available as an online course to you! You can learn everything that you need in order to start buying and selling amazing real estate, in just a few weeks. Get started now to get in on the secrets of this lucrative market! Read more...

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Newport Beach

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SOUTHEASTERN Colorado, 6 corner lots, quarter block, half block to center of small, safe town, water tap and sewer, electric and natural gas, 2 lakes, over 312 days of sun, low taxes, 12,500. 970-474-4594, CO. SPORTING goods store, commercial real estate, eastern Connecticut, 4.1 acres, boats, RV, fishing, sales, service, r e 850,000, business 100,000. 860-455-0028, CT Lssshampton


On one side you have the industrial and commercial real estate. We build and lease warehouse and truck lot space to companies like K Mart, Rite-Aid, and Burlington Industries. The other side of KPK is the reclamation and recycling of concrete and asphalt from road construction. Along with this we also do rock crushing and sand and gravel quarrying. Going hand in hand with this is large-scale earth moving and road construction. In the winter months, we keep our employees busy with snow removal throughout the Pennsylvania and New Jersey region.


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