Bob Keeler

Originally a technical journal st from Ruislip, Middlesex, Bob seemed to appear suddenly from relative obscurity to race winning form in 1953, rode works Nortons in 1954, and then jjst as suddenly, he disappeared from the racing scene after 1955.

He started racing at the Silverstone Saturday in 1052, winning the Clubman's race on a Triumph Thunderbird, and then went on :o race a tuned Triumph T100, on short circuits. GK Rae of Chiswick sponsored him on a 7R and Norton in 1953

He made his first appearance n the Isle of Man, where he won the Senior Clubman's TT on a Norton. In the Manx Grand Prix ne led the Junior race on lap three before retiring, but finished second to Denis Parkinson in the Senior. His performances earned him a place in the Norton team for 1954, making his works debut at Silverstone in April.

At the TT, he was thrd in the Junior, and eighth in the shortened wet Senior, but left the Norton tearr after the 11. At the Hutchinson 100 meeting, riding a privately entered Norton, he finished second behind Geoff Duke's Gilera, in the v/et 500cc championship race.

Bob started the 1956 season in good form; with a 350/5C0 double win on Nortons atThruxton, ard riding a works 350 on which he was second to John Hartle at the Silverstone Saturday meeting. However a crash at Blardford on 21 May in which he broke his left arm and sustained other injuries, led to his early retirement from the sport.

Jim Dakin

By kind permission of Chris Pereira

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  • john
    it was bobs brother who won at silverstone and then i believe retired.considered a better rider than his brother.!!why did bob crash?.At blandford the narrow track meant riders lined up in twos.And for some mad reason he and i were on the last row.We couldnt see the front row.Hence bob had to try and get through the others.
    9 years ago

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