Yamaha Xt500

Having spent the last 20 years restoring mostly trail bikes, and being an avid reader of CMM, Mark Smith thought it was about time to show us his latest iconic rebuild.

"Having seen XTs in my youth, it would only be a matter of time before the right bike had to appear - 30 years to be precise. This is my 1978 XT500: it was registered in late 1979 and has been owned prior to myself by one family. It hasn't done much in its life: 8300 miles, just two MoTs and two tax discs, with the last one expiring in 1993.

"It had shown signs of age when I bought it, so to bring it back to its former glory it required a fu I strip down and rebuild. Extensive work included powder coating the frame, re-chroming of the fork stanchions, polishing and re-spoking the wheels, nuts and bolts either re-chromed or re-zinc'd, new wheel and swingarm bearings plus new cables and indicators.

"Now I just love riding the bike -it takes pride of place with the other bikes of my collection and made the Rod Gibson tribute run a joy to be there "My next project is either going to be my Yamaha DT360A or my earlier XT500C. I'm not sure which to do at the moment, but I can say that both will give me great enjoyment during their restoration:

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