Honda CB1100 RB. 19B1 wth all new powder coating, new paintwork and tyres etc. Totd refurb £4,950

Honda CB1130 RC. Now available at last! 1982 19,000 miles Has been stored for some ysars so will be ecommissionec. Nice clean bke with low milej. genuine Hond» exhaust. Grab It quick! Apologies to all ttvo poop'o who coioctod uo bo(or> about this bfce but it has talrn a long time » come back int?

Honda CBX 1000Z. 1980. Full photographic rebuild. New powdcrcoat.'paintwork Stainless steel exhaust etc £POX

Kawasaki A? 350 Avenger. 196?. 14.000 miles. Will have new paintwork. V»rjj nic« original bike fPOl

WANTED: Hoida CBX 1000 /CB1100R / Berelli 900/750 S£i


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Kawasaki Specialist

Z650, ZI, Z900, ZIOOO V1-J3, GPZllOO, Z1300

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