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The biggest problem with old Pro-Arms is that the eccentric chain adjuster seizes. On my bike it hadn't yet got that bad, but it was stiff. The teeti on the adjuster ring were all OK except cne where some spanner whose toolkit obviously lacked the correct C-spanner had tried adjusting lit with a hammer and screwdriver. With the adjuster removed we could inspect the inside of the hub. Which was fine apart from 18 years of accumulated gravel, road dirt and other muck.

The cush drive was slightly worn with small bits of perished rubber stuck to the casing, but generally everything was OK (photo 3). The big needle roller bearings (still the original Honda ones) had no wear whatsoever ancNttie roller bearing supporting the custa drive was still packed with grease under the^eal (photo 4).

The chain and sprockets were worn and getting replaced on reassembly with a genuine, OE-spec Tsubaki kit and the rear disc is starting to form a slight lip at the edges, but still well within the service limit specification.

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