Unknown Xl250

|m eBay. The bike is an import IlldUU l!i 1991 and registered in 1996 (chassis no MD2610061**). It's a bit of a mess to look at and a really bad purple colour. I would like to Know what model it is and what colour it should be. I'm not too up on Hondas this age - rrore like 70s Hondas, so the only XLs I know are air cooled. This one is water cooled.

Darryl Sprcson, Cheshire

Is model, known as the Degree MD26 (reflected in the frame D was made for the Japanese home market and thus was not available in the UK so you might find some spares a bit hard to find. UK Honda dealers will not be very helpful. I am afraid. However you wilbsee ordinary service items for sale\at the parts warehouses such as Worlds End Motorcycles (wemoto.com). I do not have a note of the colour codes, but the colours I have seen this bike in were white and red or white and a \sort of cyan (blue-ish green) colour, [if that is any help.


rjj B just picked up a CB125S> LdHnk to restore but I think Ull^lllU Is out of a trail bike as it doe n't match the V5 (engine no SLI125SE-1155316). Will this make any difference to the restoration or for buying parts? Also, the numbers '458' are on the left casing under the engine number. I wondered what that number was. It all seems in very good nick as it's been in a shed for years. Cheers, great mag.

Dave Brambill, Coventry

ยง//, it certainly makes a difference I the legality of the bike's rPgRTT7JT/nn, so you need to get tt) V5 amended for a start. The SL125 e gine is broadly interchangeable with tt t of the CB125S apart from a few bits znd pieces but I do not think this will o< much of a problem. The main point that it will probably determine what sort of restoration you plan to carry out. As the engine is not the correct type, it will probably be best to simply get the bike working and legal, rather than carrying out a complete as new' job. I do not know what the 458 means I am afraid: it is nothing to do with the model code as that code was used for a completely different bike: the CL450K6.

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