Twostroke Collection

Dutch CMM reader Erik Hobo has rather a big soft spot for Suzuki strokers. A GT250K was his first bike back in 1990, and then Erik bought another one for spares, then another... well, you know how it goes.

Erik's collection new includes a 1973 red GT250K (finished in 2009), a 1974 orange GT250L restored in 1998, a 1979 blue GT250 X7 that was built up with all new parts, a 1979 red GT250 X7 restored with some aftermarket parts, a 1987 blue RG250 MK3 that is currently being restored and should be ready next year, an unrestored 1991 blue/white RGV250M with 40km on the clocks in original condition except for the Arrow end cans, a restored 1975 red GT185M and a green 1971 T350R that was bought as a basket case and then restored.

Ok, the/Ye not all 250s but most of them are and they are all Suzukis.

Most of the parts needed for the work on the bikes came from the UK. Without the help of Crooks, Spares Direct, Robinsons, Govno's Bridge Motorcycles, Suzuki Simon and many more it would have all been impossible.

All the bikes get ridden (only on dry days) and Erick says he enjoys every moment of it.

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