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[THBere can I get reolacement mJm Bber bushes for the air-assisted rracrsnocks on my 19S9 Kawasaki G4 GT550?

Raymond Lustmann, email

Wffi K can get these from Z-Power in ■■ Wgh. Lancashire, who specialise in JJSn^TJr older Kawasaki models. The j phone number is 01942 262864. The top I and bottom bushes are different: the top ! ones are part number 92075-1262 and ; these are available for £4.45 each, and \ the bottom ones are 92075-1141 at ; £6.64 each (all prices plus VAT). Z-Power I can send parts to non-UK destinations.

A. Hn so lucky' that I have two motorcycles with

Hltiple problems. First, it is my 1983 Honda VI /3U. Ihis works fine until it gets hot,then it begins to pop in the exhaust and I cannot get it above 3000rpm. I have tried 'everything' but it does not help. I was almost sure that it was the pickup coil, but no.

I also have a Matchless 600cc Gil, which works fine for approx 30 minutes, then busts the top gasket. I want to put on a little thicker copper gasket, but where can I buy it? I hope you understand my poor English, I'm from Norway!

Lasse Juritzen, Norway

Wan think of three likely reasons why your Honda makes this popping ■t/?e exhaust. One is that the fuel/air mixture is too v/eak, indicating y ¡JWVlbm with one of the carburettors. Alternatively, it could be an Ignition fault and this will need to be diagnosed by trial and error or substitution of parts for known good ones, if possible. Finally, it is possible that one of the exhaust valve clearances is set too tight, so that valve is being held open slightly when the engine warms up.

In a way you are lucky with your Matchless because the usual problem with these engines is a broken crankshaft. If the cylinder head gasket fails repeatedly, the most likely cause is the fact that the cylinder head is warped. This can be corrected by skimming in a machine shop, but you should use a thicker gasket than standard to compensate for this.

iJW Wstly, are you fyuite sure that the lifl ■/tor unit is faulty, and that the tfTTTTPtJTfy is not being caused by some other fault? If you have determined the current ignitor to be unserviceable, there are many different Kawasaki ignitor units, but assuming that you have a compatible one then the nine wires are connected like this: Black/yellow: earth Black/white: junction box terminal 21 Green: ignition coil 1/4 Black: ignition coil 2/3 Red: both coils Yellow, blue, yellow/black and red/white: ignition pickups w/ o cmm 73

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