The Ultimate Road Gs1000

You may have seen the like cr Guy Ma^in and Michael Dunlop batt ing their way around t^ Manx GP circuit on their black and red Suzukis. Those we XR69 replicas as built by Trident Fngineering, has™ at Silverstone. Michael Dunlop took the win in the P§£t Classic Senior race this year racking up a hugely impassive llS.lmph average lap - an incredible%>eed for what is essentially a new 1980s machine (Graeme Crosby set the fastest lap of the 1981 F1 at Im7mph).

For those of us with a passion for 80swnachines, you can have the Ultimate Suzuki GSlOOQufor the same price as a new Yamaha YZF-R1. Then^are both road and track options of the bikes, as welras frame kits, engine tuning parts and everything else to turn a soggy GS in need of restoration into a fire-breathing road or track bike that's not far off being a full Works racer just like Graeme Crosby, Mick Grant and Roger Marshall used to ride. Trident Engineering can be contacted on 01327 855855 or

Trident Engineering's road-going XR69 Replica miict ho thp ultimate» raro-ronlira nQIHOfl

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