The Switches

Consider the ignition switch as the mission control of the machine; if this doesn't work properly then neither will the bike. All roads lead to Rome and most wires eventually connect with the ignition switch. Understanc the functions of each and every switch, what they do and how they do it i.e. does it switch the live or the earth etc. Once you comprehend the purpose and modus operandi of the switches you're almost there. The various switching processes are fundamental to the operation of the bike and our problem solving. European switches and relays all use standard DIN nomenclature which can be very helpful i.e. 15/54 = switched live. Japanese switches unfortunately co not follow the same protocols so study the loom and any diagrams tc establish patterns i.e. on Yarrahas the left hand indicators are always wired brown and the right hand in dark green. Knew these details and the job becomes much simpler. Finally, make a note of any terminals or connections that aren't usee. Often switches are used on a range of machines and not all terminals are used in every instance.

Don't get obsessed about having to use the non-functioning terminals if they are obviously inactive. Many hours have been lost pondering DFA (Doesn't Feed Anything) connections. Ferret has another interpretation of this acronym but unfortunately we can't print it...


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Bodged wiring colours

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