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9 By the time we arrived to watch the build, much of the resto work on my wheels had already been done. The hubs had been cu: out of the original rims, stripped and bead blasted to clean off 19 years of muck, insects, chain lube, brake dust and corrosion. The clean hubs were then painted (ycu can have them laccuered or polished if you prefer).

The new alloy wheel rims were sent away to be anodised black ready to be rebuilt. ©

Spokes come in three forms; standard, butted or Z-spokes. Standard spokes are of a uniform diameter have one bend at the head at either 0, 45, or 90 degrees. Butted spokes are thicker at one end than the other (you can also buy double-butted spokes which are thick at either end and thinner in the middle). Z-spokes (as used on Yamaha's mid-1980s trials bikes) have a bend in the middle of the spoke.

□last and paint hubs Blast and paint cush drive Front rim Rear rim

Stainless steel spokes Nickel brass nipples Black anodising both rims Wheel rebuild labour Refit tyres/balance wheels o emm 99

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over twenty five years, Footm^

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over twenty five years, Footm^

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Honda's Pro-arm single sided swinger has been with us for 23 years Steve Rose talks us through an overhaul.

drive to the spindle on the other side? Ah. It's slack on the spindle. A strange one this. There's a tenth of a turn of free play but not so it'll undo by hand. And it's enormous. No spanner in rry tool box is big enougn for that baby - not even my old enormous adjustable left over from the days when spanneing was a euphemism for breaking and then calling my mats Gez to come get me out of the poop.

What I needed was a man with a bigger spanner than me (oh the sname of it).

Enter Mark Brewin at BSD Motorcycle Developments (01733 223377). "The good news is that it's simple. Your nut is bose because a small amount of wear in the cush drive generates some free play between the nut and the cush cover. All it needs is tha: big nut tightening up. But while you're at it, you might as well have it apart and service the hub assembly." Spoken like a man who services hub assemblies. But he's right. So we did. Here's how to do yours.

Q ■ knew that something was wrong, but it o> II

o ■ took a day or so to work it out. At high w m speed my 1992-vintage VFR750

$ like the wheel bearings were gone. Up on

£ the centrestand, grab the rear wheel...

£ bingo - a tiny amount of side-to-side

% movement. Best check the obvious firs:.

It's only just had new tyres fitted so let's g check the wheel nuts. They're fine. And the

5 whopping great nut that holds the cush

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