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Panderosa Farmhouse, St Lawrence Road, Bodmin, Cornwa mm Telephone/Fax: 01208 269746


Whether you have a motorcycle, Scooter or Moped or in fact any item that has a fuel tank that takes petrol, diesel or a modern derivative of these, you will know the problem of Bio fuels and the damage it can cause to steel giving you rust and its destroying nature Modern fuels can also cause problems with fibreglass/ composite tanks, as the resins are susceptible to attack by the chemicals put into the 'lead free' petrol. Modern unleaded fuels, even with an oil mix for two stroke engines, are aggressive to steel tanks and will corrode even when full: fib'eglass can be seriously softened to the point of leakage. This is caused by the added MTBE (methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether), along with the Ethanol which is being increasingly added to improve the anti knock performance of the petrol which Lead reviously offered.

best preventative and idial measure is to kill the rust and then to apply a part Novolac epoxy ;oating: which is designed to be resistant to all >rovide a corrosion free kist of Pheno Novolac Epoxy GTS 1750.

product is Hitchcock's Motorcycles King 01564 783192. ice available using the above product by tions Comany, Chris Daniel 01763 836277. e.co.uk

0, a Novclac Epoxy coating to protect the eglass tank. VAT

Call us on 01420 474961 [email protected] www.caswelleurope.co.uk

Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd

Benbridge Ind Est, Heybridge, Vlaldon, Essex CM9 4ER Tel: 01621 841100 Five YEAR WARRANTY* Against:- Corrosion. Paint Lift & Fading.

On ail powder coated work in conjunction wilh our hot zinc primer coat system. no Job too sma I, special bttect Howder tirasnes, Chrome Silver. 2K Wet painting. Large stocK range ot colours, Colour -natchlng, Whjel repairs, Aqua Blasting, Bead Blasting, Shot Blasting, Powder Ccatlng,

Cast Aluminium Welding & general repair work. Collection & delivery throughoLt the UK & E.J. 111 YVA»r*PQ JOIN OUR CLUB SCHEME AND RECEIVE A DISCOUNT. AkioNobel t J* A0tier services ire. Air Brushing, Seat Upholstery refurbishment, JU^r

w[email protected]

Octanlca , Roy's new Studio Gallery ^^ noy. open






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1960's Honda Restoration Services 07547 043 855


Pertp vparts 01553 811866

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