Suzuki Rgv500

Rgv500 Replica

Penske shock nestles between the upper pipes that the shock from a Yamaha TZR250-3MA reverse cylinder is exactly the same fitment. Even better, the TZR being dismantled had a fancy Penske unit. It row lives in the back of the RGV500.

The Internet did have some uses thcugh, via an RG500 forum Mark found an American chap who makes lock up clutch covers. He ordered one straight away to help get the RGV500 off the line, despite a few months waiting he was pleased with it wher it did finally arrive. Another thing the Internet did throw up was that less than five miles from his home in Ashford, operated an RG500 guru by the name of Mark Dent. This was almost ironic because Mark Dent specialises in grafting RG500 motors into RGV chassis.

Like all projects there have been a few teething problems, a missed gear wh le emba-rassing an R6 rider resulted in a fourth gear wrestling match, which resulted in no winners. But luckily it didn't wreck the Hen's Teeth crankcases.

Mark ordered the new pars and thanks to the race-inspired cassette design was able to fit them wthout having to strip the whole motor down. Another thrash resulted n a road side fire, after some exhaust bandage had soaked up some fuel and was then ignited by the piping hot exhaust. Mark's glove did a great job of putting it out.

Despite being used on a regular basis, Mark has flirted with the idea of selling it on occasion but admits that it's now part of the family. Besides, he's still got a few things he'd like to do to it - I ke polishing the other wheel. The RGV500 shares the garage along with his other bikes, funnily enough all two-strokes.

The finished article has a factory- look to it, no bodges and no short cuts. Mark is understandably pleased with the end result, but it's not just built for show -that GP-inspired chassis has the power to challenge it at last. To get exactly the bike you want, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just build it yourself. ©

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