Suzuki Gs1000et

ENGINE Air-cooled, dohc.

8V. inline four BORE X STROKE 70 x 64.8mm CAPACITY 997.52cc

COMPRESSION 9.2:1 POWER 87bhp @ 8200rpm

MAX SPEED 120mph CLUTCH Wet multi-plate

CARBURATION VM2ÖSS Mikuni IGNITION Contact breaker points

GEARBOX 5-speed

CHASSIS Tubular steel duplex cradls

SUSHfcNblON Telescopic fork WHEELBASE 1505mm BRAKES 2x 274mm discs.

single piston calipers (f) Single 274mm disc, twin piston caliDer (r) WHEELS 2.5 >. 19in cast aluminium <f)

3.5 >. 17in cost aluminium (r) WEIGHT 233kg (dry)

warming the tyres and engine; the last thing I want is to cause an engine failure.

Duly warmed, the big eight-valver can be given some grief. Winding the throttle open hard in at 4000 revs has the bike surging forwards. There's far more torque than I was expecting from the race-tuned motor. In fact it pulls strongly unt I just over 8000rpm where it comes on cam and then shoots forward, the barely silenced Yoshimura pipe howling. Despite knowing this is a full-on racer, it's faster than I was expecting. It pulls hard through 10,000rpm where I back off; it'll rev to just over 10,500rpm after which ooint it's a game of roulette with the exhaust valves. A full-on Yoshimura GS1000 engine is something to experience.

But it's not all about tie engine. The running gear and parts fitted to the bike are worthy of attention in their own right. The forks are adjustable magnesium Marzocchis and extremely rare - only the top teams of the day could afford to run them. Then there are the AP calipers and master-cylinders that, once warmed, work damned well at hauling up the sub-180kg machine.

So, just whose bike was this one -there were only five with Suzuki engine's in after all? Rob rounds things up, "Nobody kept records in those days. Even Harris can't quite remember what was what. There are no frame numbers and Harris didn't keep records. We know where Kevin Wrettom's bike and where one of the Oxford Fairing bikes is. That just leaves John Newbold's, Sam McClemments and Mick Grant's bikes. According to Harris, the Marzocchi forks and DeCarbon rear shock were extremely expensive and only a well-funded team could afford them. So, it's likely this is the Granby Motors bike. But you can never be sure with old race bikes!"

46 cmm January 20 /,

Release: StoreMags & Fantamag. Magazines for All

Four Mikunis slurp air through open velocity stacks

1980 SUZUKI GS1000R XR69*

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